Vector of a large building. Represents different industries to start a business.

Industry Startup Guides for Small Business

Kody Wirth | Oct 29, 2023

Do you already know what kind of business you want to start? You’ve come to the right place. Or, maybe you’re looking for a little industry inspiration—that’s fine too!

Our growing library of industry guides will walk you through the process of starting a business, with specific attention to the unique requirements of your chosen industry.

Tip for this guide: Individual business resources are sorted under larger industry groups. To simplify your search, look for the industry you’re interested in and check what guides are available.

Along with these in-depth startup guides, you can peruse sample business plans, learn to write industry-specific business plans, and check out our tips for business growth.



Childcare and pets

Cleaning and maintenance

Construction and engineering

Consulting, advertising, and marketing


eCommerce and retail

Food and beverage

Fitness and beauty

Medical and health

Mobile app development

Real estate

Transportation and travel