Why You Should Surround Yourself With Inspirational People

Author: Anna Lemos

Anna Lemos

Anna Lemos

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Updated February 26, 2024

If you’re reading this, I’ll bet you’re not the average person.

You are someone yearning to thrive and make a real change; after all, that is what an entrepreneur does. The thing is, something is holding you back.

Stuck in the weekly grind of work, buried under a stack of mundane tasks, laboring solely under the desire to reach the weekend is not the way to be living. You will hit a creative slump.

A majority of the people you know will join become a part of the passive crowd and never push themselves to excel. Unfortunately, the more we associate with these people, the more we become like them.

If you feel held back because the people you’re surrounded by have no desire to transcend their current existence, to thrive like you want to, it might just be time to consider finding people who excite you.

Being trapped in this repetitive cycle is okay, but my question to you is: Are you okay with being here?

Without realizing it, I became one of the passive people I never wanted to be, but then something changed.

I met people that gave more than they took and what they took, they would transform into something beautiful. Each of these individuals came from a diverse background and every time I saw them, whether for a weekly soccer kick-about or via the medium of social posts springing up on my Facebook newsfeed, I felt inspired. They are the type of people who not only have success written on their foreheads, but who push you to be successful too.

What became clear to me was that some of the most unsuspecting characters in my life would have the biggest impact on it. I did not expect to be hanging out with a tumor cell researcher (I know next to nothing about biology) or a lawyer (the “boring” major at my university) or even my old English teacher.

The fact is, passionate people make all the difference, and just listening to them talk can make you want to get up and do something. They give you energy and they challenge you, day in and day out.

Now, I’m not urging you to drop all your old friends. Instead, I’m asking you to stop thinking boredom is the norm, and take a chance to get to know people that get your brain working. Here are some great places to start looking.

How to surround yourself with inspirational people

Use social media

Whether you are an Instagram addict or a constant Twitter user, every social media channel is a gateway to connecting with others. Search topics or people you have a genuine interest in and start following them. The more you interact with them, the more they’ll interact with you. That’s just social media logic.

Do some real-life social networking

As an entrepreneur, you must have been told a thousand times to attend networking events and conferences.

This is all handy and you might find some great people, but why not try a more social approach? Meetup.com offers incredible opportunities to help you discover passionate people looking to meet other passionate people. Just sign up, select your interests, and register a location. You’re sure to find a group to fits your interests.

Escape the City’s Tribes and Communities also offers a stimulating hub for people who want to make a difference. Based all over the world with their headquarters in London, they encourage people to take brave steps toward changing their careers and lives for the better.

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Try volunteering

Get involved with volunteer groups.

This could be a local scheme or you could plan your next holiday as an escape to help the disadvantaged. Some of the most interesting stories and learning experiences I have heard all started on long summers spent volunteering.

However, if you are going abroad, research the charities thoroughly. There are many that don’t actually make an impact, and you would have just wasted your time.

Check out TED Talks

When it comes to surrounding yourself with inspirational people, you might be feeling a little shy. Rest assured—that first step is always the scariest; it does get easier.

As a good starting alternative to meeting people in person, TED Talks consists of a collection of videos and podcasts by some of the most inspirational individuals in the world. It covers everything from dance to the latest advancements in science. Even more incredible is the age range of the speakers—some may be as young as 12, but boy, do they have something to say!

Get involved in a startup

If you aren’t already involved in your own startup, helping other startups is a good place to start.

It is one of the few places you can find pure enthusiasm and conviction from a group of people that are doing all they can to change their sector.

Make an effort to travel

Grabbing a backpack and running off to the other side of the world can sometimes be a great mental stimulus.

It gives you an opportunity for a complete change in location, meeting open-minded people and temporarily shifting your mindset. Don’t want to run off without a Wi-Fi hub? Try organizations like Remote Year so you can keep working while traveling the world.

The best ideas and developments come from looking at different disciplines and harnessing their advantages. If you are an accountant, talk to a photographer. If you’re a chef, get in touch with a chemist. People who enable you to view the world differently are potentially the greatest assets you can have, even if you don’t always agree with them. Moreover, their minds work differently. They may spot things you’ve never noticed, highlight potential improvements, and encourage you to take your idea to new heights.

In the long run, passion creates the biggest drive. On many occasions, you’ll find yourself wrapped up in a conversation that you know nothing about, yet for some reason you feel really excited talking about it. That gives you an opportunity to learn and to really open your eyes.

Get involved in other people’s interests and get them involved in yours. Sharing is the best gift you can give anyone and what you share can be anything; knowledge, an encouraging smile, or bucket loads of enthusiasm.

So get out there and find a group of people that will help you grow. Jump out of the cycle of passivity and start working on something that you think will make a difference. With the right set of friends and colleagues, you would be surprised how much you can accomplis

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Content Author: Anna Lemos

Anna is a creative content writer at Quick Formations, a company formations agency. With a background in design, she has worked in several startups helping with branding, social media campaigns, and general design elements to move new businesses forward. Taking a creative detour into writing, she creates content to help startups get off the ground by cutting the technical business jargon and producing useful articles.