Vector of a bag of money sitting next to a pile of coins. Represents managing your business finances.

How to Manage Small Business Finances

Kody Wirth | Oct 31, 2023

How often do you review your financial performance? Once a month? Quarterly? Annually? Hardly at all?

If you don’t do a financial review at least once a month, you’ll struggle to understand your business’s performance, and growth will constantly be out of reach.

Luckily, you can strengthen your financial skills—even if you’re not a numbers person. This guide collects resources covering small business financial topics critical to growth. 

Learn the basics of budgeting and forecasting

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Apply your financial knowledge to grow your business

Becoming more familiar with your finances will lead to business growth. You’ll understand the health of your business, more easily identify opportunities, and have a process to navigate any issues that may arise.

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Templates and resources for better financial management