The Pros and Cons of Founding With Friends

Should you start a business with a friend? To help you decide if you can “make it” as business partners, take a look at these pros and cons of founding with friends.

Andrew Deen |

4 Ways to Improve Your Online Storefront

Your website is your store—and if your store isn’t in order, your ability to leverage the high growth of sales online will be threatened. Here's how to optimize your ecommerce site.

Chelsea Trautman |

How to Write a Business Plan in Under an Hour

Does the idea of writing a business plan sound drawn-out and intimidating? It doesn't have to be. It’s possible to write your initial business plan in less than an hour—and here's how.

Noah Parsons |

How to File Patents in Multiple Countries

Patent laws are country specific, which means a U.S. patent won’t protect your invention everywhere. Here's how to file a patent in multiple countries.

Kanika Sharma |

Extremely Valuable Tips for Creating a Financial Forecast During the Early Stages of an Entrepreneurial Journey

Creating a thoughtful forecast can be time-consuming, but it will help you to make informed decisions. These tips will help you build a financial forecast.

Cobus Vurren |

How Seniors Can Use Technology to Become Entrepreneurs After Retirement

If you’re a retiree looking for business ideas or ways to leverage your skills and experience into a new project or business opportunity, here are some ways you can use technology to get started.

Lindsay Engle |

5 Tips for Starting a Business With Your Spouse

If you and your partner share a dream, perhaps you've considered starting a business together. Here's how to start a business with your spouse—without it negatively impacting your relationship, or the success of the business.

Sally Strebel |

The One Thing That Makes the Difference Between Success and Failure in Business

We all need support, encouragement, and accountability. In short, we all need a community around us to help us succeed. Having a coach can make a huge difference in the overall performance of your business.

Howard Partridge |

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