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free business startup checklist Starting your own business may sound like an undertaking of epic proportions. The truth is, with our business startup checklist, it doesn't have to be.

Why use the business startup checklist?

The reality is, actually starting a business is simply down to making sure you’ve “checked all the boxes." That's exactly what this business startup checklist aims to help you do. We’ve broken the tasks down into manageable categories, and included additional resources that will help you complete each stage of setting up your business.

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What's included in the business startup checklist:

Here are the steps that the business startup checklist will help you work through. 1. Finding a good business idea 2. Testing your business idea and do market research 3. Writing a formal business plan (if you're seeking funding) 4. Branding your business 5. Making it legal 6. Getting funded (only if you need it) 7. Setting up shop 8. Marketing and launching your business While it might seem like a lot to take on, using a checklist breaks it down into manageable, clear steps. All you need to do is get started, and you're on your way.

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