i wAnt to start as a coca cola distributor how will i make profit

I will pay as much as 40000 dollars to register and buy products and d money ll be gotten through loan how can I. Make enough profit for myself and pay d loan

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Hi, Eghosarita:

That's a pretty specific question, but if you're sure that you want to start a distributor business for Coca Cola products, start first by contacting them direct. Here's a page I found on their website, talking about their partnership with bottlers and distributors:

Questions you may want to ask:
--Are there openings for new distributors? If so, what's the process to become eligible?
--Are there fees involved in becoming a distributor?
--What are the ongoing costs a distributor needs to pay to Coca Cola?

Find a distributor far enough away from where you want to set up business and ask their advice. If you're not going to compete with them, they could provide you with information on how they got started.

And if you want to read a sample plan from a distributor business, check out this one:

It's not your industry, but there may be general concepts which will help you.

Good luck with your business idea.

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The advice from Teri Epperley is very appropriate.

There are basically 2 Options.

1.  You can distribute Coca Cola (The product).

2.  You can supply services to Coca Cola or their local distributor e.g. Transport services. Vehicle cleaning services etc.

In South Africa we have an "Owner/Driver" scheme with Coca Cola, whereby Coca Cola is delivered to their Customers.

South Africa

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