What is the best approach to conduct a new business viability analysis?

I have a vision for a new business in a specific area. I would like to conduct a business viability analysis and would be willing to pay a reputable firm to do so if someone can provide good referrals.

Question posted by IslandSnowLover (2 points) 3 years ago. Answers: 1



There are resource firms helping minority groups with business plans.
Check Private, Personal Loans or seek Finicial assistance throught governement insitiution.
Remember, Good Credit is a must and educations benefits are a plus.

Answer posted by JJdaquan20 (15 points) 3 years ago

Thanks for your response. I would like assistance with the market research section of the business plan, specifically a viability analysis for a new business.  Is there a specific resource firm you would recommend?

Comment posted by IslandSnowLover (2 points) 3 years ago

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