How can I come up with a financial projections of vegetable garden and goats farming business plan?

the vegetables and goats will take some time to grow, meaning I won't make sales as soon as I start the project.

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you need to make your business plan.
what information is needed:
- how much do you have to pay a goat?
- how long it takes to grow?
- how much a goat cost to grow?
- for how much can you sell a goat?
- how many goats you can grow at the same time?
and than we can compute the working capital you need....

If you want i can help.

In what country you are living?


Raf Vlummens
entrepreneurial coach

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I am a Nigerian and a one hundred level student at Federal poly Nekede, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

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Have a look at the new Aquaponics option.

This is Fish ------->  Vegetables -------> Goats or Chickens.

The old Fish water is used for the Vegetables.

Vegetables not sold or used are fed to the Goats.

Goat manure is fed to the Fishes and also used for the Vegatables.

This is very basic, and I am busy with a detailed Business Plan in this regard.

I don't only prepare Business Plans on request.

If I see an  opportunity like the above, then I do research and sell the Business Plan where I see the need.

South Africa

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