Writing a business plan for school project

We have been assigned to create a business in our senior economics class. We have to come up with business descriptions, a vison statement, products and services, location, marketing plans, start-up costs and labor aspects of starting a business.

I would appreciate any help or information you could give me concerning this assignment. Our business is similar to yours in that we produce and sell flavored whipped cream.

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I need a sample of a business plan for a primary school (i e; school for ages 2years to 12years)

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Well, we are not suppose to do your homework for you but we can provide some assistance. First, check out the sample plans on Palo Alto Software’s business information website www.bplans.com. Next, look at this as being given the opportunity of gaining the experience that may allow you to launch your own business in the future. In a nutshell, do the plan as if you are really going to make it a real company. You never know.

Get your whole team together for an intense planning session. On a large board, lay out all of the questions that need to be answered and how they are interrelated to each other. Under each question, list the possible sources for the answers and assign a team member to get the answers.

The best source for information would be from companies of related products — eg: milk processors or dairy supply companies. Also, check with local producers of whipped cream and see if they would be interested in producing the product for you. For a long shot, contact Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream for information on marketing and distribution.

It would be fun to make up sample batches of potential products and do taste testing with your classmates. This is a vital step in determining market acceptance and coming up with potential ingredients. I would also visit local grocery stores to determine how they order new dairy products and the average shelf life. When going to the retail channel, many times you need to purchase shelf space and participate in cooperative advertising. It can be very expensive for a single-line company, which is why many utilize the services of a distributor.

Hope this information helps.

Let us know what grade your team gets.

Jeffrey E. Edelheit

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