Hi, i have a new product, how do i maxmize on sales with limited capital n being a start-up?

Am in the process of starting a business and my strong hold is my product. The product has the advantage of new technology that beats the current product in the market. Market survey shows customers are more than ready to buy it.

Problem is, am a start-up so one, finances are limited. Two, am sorcing the product from china so i guess when it hits the market, sm 'copy cats' will mean competation.

I would like to know how i can maximise on sales and get a strong market share as the targeted nich is close to a million customers currently before someone else is able to beat me as competitor?

Thank you for your advise.

Question posted by matumbi (2 points) 4 years ago. Answers: 1



Have you done your business plan to show how much revenue is possible based upon your surveys?  Will your potential customers be willing to pre-pay for the product based upon your presentation? There are a variety of funders who will finance purchase orders from your customers based upon their credit and your ability to deliver.  

As for someone  to beat you as competitor, unless you have proprietary technology and exclusivity from your manufacturing source you are always at risk of someone taking your market share.

Answer posted by Jeffrey E. Edelheit (2,283 points) 4 years ago

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