What are the first steps to take when making a Hydroponics Business business plan

I live in Botswana, studying for Diploma in Electronics and Electrical Engineering  and currently working on research work about Hydroponic Projects/Businesses because i have the opportunity to be the first person to establish an Agricultual business which uses Hydroponics system for production in my country. My question is can't i have an overveiw of a complete business plan for a small Hydroponics Project with all its start-up cost and evrything necessity.

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Though it doesn't seem like it, writing a business plan for your type of business is, for the most part, similar to writing a business plan for any other business. The differences will mainly be that you may need to build in some additional detail in the Marketing Strategy section of the plan to detail out all the different Social Media channels that you'll be using and how you'll be using them.

So, that said, I think you'll find lots of relevant information and help in the "How to write a business plan" section of our How to Articles. You can find that section here:

And like all business plans, use what is useful to your plan and leave out the sections or information that doesn't apply.

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See if you have a local Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Business Resource Center or SCORE office to get advice on where to begin. You can check the list on Bplans.com (http://www.bplans.com/business_planning_resources/sbdc/ or http://www.bplans.com/business_planning_resources/score/). Your local Chamber of Commerce office should be able to provide some resources as well.

On Bplans.com there are over 500 sample business plans that you can learn from. Here are links to a few agriculture type business plans that you can refer to for examples:

And, we have one sample of a plan from a Hydroponics Farm as well:

Bear in mind, these are for examples only. The financials for these plans will be specific to the areas that the authors wrote their plans for and will will be quite different than yours. You'll need to do some research as to the financial costs in your area to make your plan as accurate as possible.

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Hydroponics, is probably the answer to water shortages in the Agricultural Industry.

Although Vegetables/Food is the best option,you should also consider Flowers and ornamental Plants.

There is a big demand in Europe.

Then there is also the growing of Plants for "Essential oils". These oils are in demand in the perfume Industry.
1 Litre of Lavender Oil sells for more than US $ 100.

I have completed a few Hydroponic/Tunnel Farming Business Plans in South Africa with funding through Government initiatives and incentives.

South Africa

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Hi Aubrey

I am **** from Soweto fairly new in this field and have been following and doing some reading on hydroponics since 2011.

We are now a group of six and want to start Tunnel Farming Business, we have two members that have been active in hydroponics for the past 5 years, I myself have been  working in the  fresh produce value chain for three years now.

My request is that we 1. need assistance in finding the best funding models as financial security is not our strength .

2. a point in the right direction as to which companies give a holistic approach in hydroponics equipment and the erection thereof.

3. One of our members has a 8.5 hatcors virgin farm that we will be using we need advice on a floor plan of at-least the 3hctr will b for fresh produce and I am interested in your suggestion on flowers and oil so may be the remainder of the land may be used for packaging facilities cold rooms some offices and farm accommodation.

We have however discussed registering a co-operative not a PTY Ltd recourse we thought with co-op government might be in a position to assist.

Please help.

Kind Regards

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Are you still looking to do Hydro in Botswana?  I'm in Gabs and our company is currently in the final stages of standing up 10-20 ha of hydro across the country but we are always looking to partner with other people if we have aligned interests.  Email me if you are.

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Att : Lamberto

I am always interested in anything to do with Hydroponics.

Please send me some information and detail on your Project.

South Africa

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