Detailed itemized list of start-up costs

I am writing a business plan with Business Plan Pro to attract $5,000,000 in investment capital. We are a marketing company in the healthcare industry. We recruit doctor's offices for participation in a program where we basically rent space from them. Although we have been operating successfully for a year we need money to grow.

Here is my question. All of the sample business plans show an itemized list of start-up costs that are pretty basic. I need a comprehensive itemized list of A to Z start-up costs for a sales business with 20 agents in the field. For instance, I am looking for a resource that will prompt my thinking as to what all the costs will be to open up a new office with five full-time staff (i.e. security deposit, desks, chairs, fixtures, phone system, office supplies, etc.).

Then something that will walk me through all of the costs associated to recruiting 20 agents (i.e. $25,000/person for a head hunter, business cards, cell phone, salary, benefits, etc.).

There is a reference library at the SBA in Charlotte but it is hard for me to get there.

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I don't expect you'll like this answer but I think the truth is that you just have to do this yourself, from your own knowledge of the business, or find somebody knowledgeable to do it with you. The reason for that is that every business is unique, so it is just hard to imagine that somebody would have thought to give you a list that does this for your business, and then had the generosity or economic interest to make it available for you.

What you can get are examples, to spur your thinking, but when none of 500+ sample plans we have available is helpful -- all of them in fact were financed, one way or another, either loan or investment, so they can't be that bad -- then I just have to think you're not going to be happy with anything else available. I can't imagine that the SBA library is going to have any kind of a list of your detailed costs for your specific business.

On the more positive side, you've been operating for a year, and it sounds like you have a good grasp of the business you're in. Do you really need to find some external source to validate your own estimates? Don't you have the knowledge it takes to think this problem through and estimate the numbers yourself? If not, don't you have an administrative person who does? Or existing accounting results for the first year, that list your expenses?

This is the kind of business-specific information that people generally develop themselves, for their own businesses, after looking at the kind of examples you've already seen.

And finally I apologize for not having a more attractive answer, but I think I'm more useful to you with what I think is the truth.

Best of luck,

Tim Berry

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