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Cash Flow 101: The Symptoms

by Anna Eschenburg

This is the second installment in our “Cash Flow 101” series. The first installment can be found here. Though they’re by no means uncommon, cash flow problems can cripple businesses of all sizes, and smaller ones are perhaps more vulnerable. Without access to capital, companies are unable quickly adapt to today’s ever-changing business world. As... Read more »


The Management Magic of Business Planning

by Tim Berry

True story: As my software business began to grow, as we went from two employees to five, then 10, I discovered how hard real management is with startups and small business that grow organically. In a startup, those first few people who join feel like friends, not employees. What they taught in my MBA courses... Read more »


Episode 7: Changing Plans, Niche Marketing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) | The Bcast

by Jonathan Michael

This week Peter and Jonathan debate whether your should stick to your plan or change it. Lara Galloway (@mombizcoach) joins the show to discuss niche marketing. Finally, is the “Internet of Things” the sign of progress, or pushing us toward a grim future? Subscribe: Stitcher | TuneIn | Pocket Casts | PlayerFM | Soundcloud Do... Read more »


How to Recognize and Put a Stop to Employee Burnout

by Micaiah Soward

Many, if not all, companies deal with employee burnout. When employees feel burnt out and under-appreciated, then productivity and revenue of the company decreases. Are you worried an employee’s flame is sputtering? Here are the most common signs of a burnt out employee. Missing in action When an employee suddenly starts missing work more often... Read more »


10 Essentials Before Launch Branding Checklist [Free Download]

by Angelique O'Rourke

Think a brand is just for big businesses? Think again. Branding is critical for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Your brand is what the outside world thinks of you. That’s it. Although you can influence your brand through well-designed logos, hilarious ad campaigns, carefully crafted press releases, or super-friendly service, ultimately, your brand is... Read more »