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Are You Mentee Material?

by Angelique O'Rourke

You’ll find that experts in most fields recommend getting a mentor. Whether it’s in the business world (including here on Bplans), the arts, academia—you name it, and a thought leader in the space will refer to the benefits of seeking a mentor. But then what? If you approach a distinguished person that you can learn... Read more »


The Complete Guide to Registering Your Business Name

by Briana Morgaine

When I was a child, my family and the other families in our neighborhood held annual summer garage sales. It was a great way to get the community to work together, and of course weed out a little of the inevitable clutter. For every yard sale, I’d buy bottled lemonade, bake several batches of cookies... Read more »


Boost Your Productivity with 10 Time Management Tips

by Sebastien Boyer

Have you experienced too many days of mind-numbing work, only to be faced with the realization that you haven’t accomplished a fraction of what you’d intended? Of course, this happens to everyone occasionally, but if it is becoming a routine occurrence in your life, it’s time to do some sober introspection so that you can... Read more »


12 Signs You Need to Hire a Manager

by Scott Gerber

When first starting your business you do it all—you oversee every aspect of your company. But as things grow, you eventually have to admit that trying to do everything yourself is no longer effective. However, it’s hard to let go. We asked 12 founders from the YEC to share with us when they knew it was time... Read more »


Know Your Industry Before You Start Your Business

by Tim Berry

Take a second to get into context here. If your plan is a plan to be presented to outsiders, then you need to explain the type of business you’re in. You’ll be expected to explain the general state of your industry and the nature of the business, especially if your plan is going outside your... Read more »