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Mountain Brook Fitness Center



Ownership & Structure

The Mountain Brook Fitness Center is managed by co-owners Robert Sinclair and Arnold Hess. Robert Sinclair is the center’s operations manager and Arnold Hess is the center’s fiscal manager.


Company History

From its beginning in 1996, the Mountain Brook Fitness Center has had an exceptional swimming and tennis program. Two years ago, a loss in membership pointed toward the need for a fitness center to round out the club’s offerings. The club spent approximately $140,000 to add a fitness center with cardiovascular and weight training equipment. The club has also become a 24-hours facility, seven days a week, with childcare.


Management Team

Both Robert Sinclair and Arnold Hess holds MBA degrees in finance from State University. Robert Sinclair has held executive positions with two of Monroe’s top athletic clubs. Robert managed the Decathlon Athletic Club, with a membership base of 1,500, for five years prior to opening the Mountain Brook Fitness Center. He also served as Assistant Manager of the Downtown Athletic Club for three years before joining the Decathlon Athletic Club.

Arnold Hess’ experience is in accounting. He has been a member of both Johnson, Billings, and Konig and Johnson and Associates over the past ten years.

Personnel Table

2020 2021 2022
Physical Therapist $84,000 $85,680 $87,394
Assistant Manager $57,600 $58,752 $59,927
Center Manager $60,000 $61,200 $62,424
Tennis Manager $43,200 $44,064 $44,945
Pool Manager $40,800 $41,616 $42,448
Center Staff (11.83) $342,000 $440,640 $524,356
Childcare Manager $48,000 $48,960 $49,939
Childcare Staff (6.83) $211,200 $274,176 $319,608
Massage Therapist $60,000 $61,200 $62,424
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