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Women's Clothing Boutique Business Plan

Web Plan Summary

The website will serve as a source of information for online visitors. De Kliek plans to correspond its web site launch with the official launch of the boutique. Plans for year 1 include search engine optimization and development of editorial content throughout year 2. In year 3, De Kliek will evaluate including ecommerce into its business model.

The site will be developed so that users see everything they need "above the fold." The website will feature key items along with the unique services of the boutique. Editorial content will entail ideas of outfits that are appropriate for work, special events and getaways. To further enhance De Kliek's service offering, reservation forms will be available for booking Personal Style and Closet Assessment appointments, Personal Shopping appointments, and Private Parties and Workshops.

The website will leverage the corporate identity and brand personality of De Kliek -- clean and simple. The nomenclature will mirror the current ideas articulated throughout the boutique: Style, Concierge and About. The overall strategy of the website will to be provide a clear and simple architecture that allows the user to obtain all the information they need, simply and easily.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Because De Kliek is based in the Los Angeles area, the hotspot for film companies, the online strategy will focus on both celebrity endorsements and email marketing. Given current federal regulations (CAN-SPAM), De Kliek will incorporate strict guidelines in managing customer data and ensure that a customer will not receive more than 2 emails per month.

As word-of-mouth and email marketing have proven effective for retail boutiques of De Kliek's nature, De Kliek will implement these strategies at the beginning of operations. Research shows that the number one reason people log on to the Internet is for information. De Kliek's strategy is to provide as much information as possible on their current designers, fashions and style tips, as well as to utilize the appropriate search terms to deliver the most relevant click-throughs. Awareness of the website will be provided in local advertising, public relations efforts, customer emails, in-store signage & receipts as well as direct mail and word-of-mouth.

6.2 Development Requirements

Development costs include the following:

  • Site Design - $3,000.

  • Site Implementation - Free. Owner, Vrootje Magen, is very familiar with Dreamweaver and html and is able to take the templates that the web designer creates and utilize them to manage the implementation and further development of the site.

Ongoing Costs

  • Domain registration for the website for 5 years - $95

  • Site Hosting - $30 per month with SBC Yahoo!

  • Search Engine Registration - $200 per year

  • Site Design Changes - Changes in the site, such as photography costs (estimated at $150-$200 per shot), are considered to be part of Marketing and Advertising

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