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Passion Soles

Management Summary

Holly Heels, the founder and owner received her Bachelor of Arts in marketing from the University of Portland. Throughout college, and full time after graduation, Holly worked at Nordstroms. She started out as a sales person in the Nordstroms outerwear department, where Holly was named employee of the month five times. This caught the attention of her supervisors and after one year of full-time work at Nordstroms, she was offered a position as the assistant manager of the women’s shoe department.

Holly worked as the assistant manager for one and a half years before receiving a promotion to manager of the department, a huge responsibility and honor. Holly learned all of the “ins and outs” of the Nordstroms retail shoe industry in this job. After three years, Holly decided to leave and seek another job. She had always wanted to live in a smaller town and, upon visiting a friend in Eugene, began to do some market research about the women’s shoe industry in Eugene. She realized that there was an unmet demand for fashionable shoes and she began to write a business plan to serve this need. She was confident that she would be able to leverage all of her industry knowledge and create a store in Eugene serving fashion-conscious women.

6.1 Personnel Plan

Holly will be working full time at Passion Soles. She will be in charge of all administrative details, hiring, inventory management, etc. Beginning with month two, Holly will hire a full-time sales clerk to help her at the store. By December, she will hire an additional full-time employee in time for the holiday season.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Holly $36,000 $40,000 $42,000
Full-time employee $17,600 $19,200 $19,200
Full-time employee $1,600 $19,200 $19,200
Total People 3 3 3
Total Payroll $55,200 $78,400 $80,400