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One, Two, Step!

Company Summary

One, Two, Step! is organized as a sole proprietorship in the name of Chloe Goodlowe.

One, Two, Step! will be located at 123 Shoe Lane in Houston, TX temporarily, until we have the volume to expand into a separate store, to be located in West Houston. The site is the owner’s house, along a busy pedestrian area in the trendy shopping section of downtown, and is zoned for commercial/residential use. A prominent street-level entrance leads into a foyer and 2 parlors which are already renovated to accommodate the business. Built-in shelving with under-shelf lighting will highlight the shoes, while antique display tables will hold special and sale items, and accessories. The house is equipped with security monitors, and the second parlor is fully wired for phone and internet access. We will use a point-of-sale system to handle in-house sales. Website sales will be processed by an online credit card processor affiliated with our website hosting company.

The hours of operation will be Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., and closed on Sundays. Customers will be able to purchase directly from our website and VIP Showcase Events. There will be extended special hours designated during Christmas holiday shopping season.

All merchandise will be purchased according to the company’s mission and customer focus of shoes ranging from sizes 5-13 and accessories.

Company Ownership

One, Two, Step! is organized as a sole proprietorship where I, Chloe Goodlowe, am responsible for the daily management, sales, and development of the company.

Start-up Summary

One, Two, Step! start-up costs are listed below. The company will start with two months of inventory on hand for shoes and accessories, as this is the main revenue generator. The majority of the company’s assets will reside in inventory. The opening day’s cash on hand balance will be $10,000.

Successful operation and building a loyal customer base will allow One, Two, Step! to be self-sufficient and profitable in year two.

Womens boutique shoe store business plan, company summary chart image

Start-up Expenses
Legal $500
Stationery, business cards etc. $500
Credit Card Set-up $200
UPS Account $300
Supplies (special made shoe boxes, invoices, etc.) $500
Website Start-up $3,000
Total Start-up Expenses $5,000
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $10,000
Start-up Inventory $15,000
Other Current Assets $5,000
Long-term Assets $0
Total Assets $30,000
Total Requirements $35,000