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Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi

Executive Summary

Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi is an Oregon-based corporation that specializes in the setup, delivery, marketing and maintenance of secure wireless communications (Wi-Fi) for individuals, businesses & entire communities. Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi offers custom, ground-up metropolitan-area data and VoIP installation and delivery.

Wi-Fi is quickly becoming the standard in the delivery of Internet connectivity throughout many organizations, government agencies and businesses. Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi, Inc. is focused on the delivery of secure Wi-Fi services to commercial and residential property owners as well as traditional Internet service providers that are looking to improve the service offerings within their buildings and current services. The primary focus of Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi is to provide full service installation, support and management of wireless networks for individual building owners and municipalities. Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi is a wholesale provider of services to businesses looking to improve their competitiveness and amenities in their commercial properties and townships.

The opportunity for wireless (Wi-Fi) installations and ongoing management of these networks has increased greatly in the past year and is projected to grow at an annual rate of no less than 50% a year. The total industry segment targeted specifically by Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi is expected to grow to $2 billion annually by year four. The Wi-Fi industry as a whole is on track to become a $190.8 billion powerhouse. This year is the beginning of a paradigm shift in how Internet services, hardware and security are all delivered to users throughout the world. Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi has an opportunity to be one of the first movers in this rapidly growing market. Because of the fragmented nature of the market in its current state, the threat from potential competitors is not necessarily a bad thing. Additional competitors in the market will help to increase industry awareness and drive overall sales within the industry. The overall opportunity in this industry is great. Due to the short-term opportunity to grab a foothold in this emerging market, Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi is aggressively rolling out the services anywhere demand is generated. As demand increases, the innovative Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi sales and installer management strategy will allow the company to take advantage of all opportunities, regardless of location. We estimate that by year four, the opportunity or “gold-rush” will be over and market consolidation will begin.

It is the goal of management to position the company as an acquisition target by a market consolidator looking to gain market share and build a larger national network by end of year three. If the business plan is executed as described and all milestones are met on time, Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi will be in a good position to sell the company. The most likely aggregators will be the larger telecom, cable or electrical companies currently looking at providing these services via public “Hot Spots” or through cellular networks. Many companies will enter the market over the next four years, including these traditionally larger telecom and cellular companies. Fortunately, the Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi market focus allows for many competitors, both large and small. Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi expects to sell the company as a going concern for no less than $20 million based on the pro-forma income statement and estimated balance sheet.

Wireless datacomm business plan, executive summary chart image

1.1 Objectives

  • Sales over $500,000 in the first year
  • Increase contracted sales force to 30 by year 3
  •  Net worth over $2,000,000 by year 3.

1.2 Mission

Pie in the Sky Wi-Fi will make it easier and more affordable for our customers to provide Internet access. We will decrease the costs of their initial installation, allow for portability, and provide high-quality, ongoing customer service. For our investors, we will provide a ground-level entry port to the next high-impact technology trend, turning around high value returns when we sell the company at the end of the plan to a market consolidator.

1.3 Keys to Success

  • Management’s skill combination: business, sales, technology, and branding expertise
  • First-mover advantage in an emerging market
  • Detailed installer database, tracking performance and skill sets