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Stroll Net

Company Summary

Stroll Net, soon to be located on the south side of Tech City, MyState, will offer the community convenient and affordable way to access the Internet away from home and the office. Stroll Net’s public Internet terminals will provide full access to email, video email, the Web and other applications, such as a prepaid storefront. Stroll Net will provide clients and customers with a unique and innovative product and service.

Stroll Net’s public Internet terminals will appeal to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The ease-of-use and instructional menu will appeal to the audience that does not associate themselves with the computer age. Great locations, such as hotel lobbies and coffee shops, will provide business people with a convenient way to access the Internet and office files away from the office.

2.1 Company Ownership

Stroll Net is a privately-held Limited Liability Corporation. Cam Piotr and Bob Green, co-founders of Stroll Net, hold equal stock positions of 26% each as majority owners. Investors will receive one share of Stroll Net stock for every $6,244 of investment, up to 48%.

2.2 Start-up Summary

Stroll Net’s start-up costs will cover the purchase of public Internet terminals (our long-term assets), the purchase of an office warehouse, office equipment and supplies, company vehicles, capital to cover losses in the first year, and capital to cover any and all expenses required to operate business on a daily basis for the first year.

Short-term Assets – Fixtures: 2 computers = $4,600, one printer = $1,000, one scanner = $500, 4 tables w/chairs = $2,600, 2 computer desks w/chairs = $2,400, three telephones = $300, for a total fixture cost of $11,400.

In addition, we plan on a large initial marketing/design budget, to cover the kiosk design and grand opening advertising.

Wi-fi kiosks business plan, company summary chart image

Start-up Expenses
Marketing/Advertising $4,000
Design Fee $14,100
Freight $6,250
Utilities $500
Professional Fees $1,500
Insurance $1,500
Supplies $500
Postage $111
Total Start-up Expenses $28,461
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $60,000
Other Current Assets $11,400
Long-term Assets $312,810
Total Assets $384,210
Total Requirements $412,671
Start-up Funding
Start-up Expenses to Fund $28,461
Start-up Assets to Fund $384,210
Total Funding Required $412,671
Non-cash Assets from Start-up $324,210
Cash Requirements from Start-up $60,000
Additional Cash Raised $0
Cash Balance on Starting Date $60,000
Total Assets $384,210
Liabilities and Capital
Current Borrowing $0
Long-term Liabilities $100,000
Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills) $2,500
Other Current Liabilities (interest-free) $0
Total Liabilities $102,500
Planned Investment
Mr. Cam Piotr $5,250
Mr. Bob Green $5,250
Additional Investment Requirement $299,671
Total Planned Investment $310,171
Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) ($28,461)
Total Capital $281,710
Total Capital and Liabilities $384,210
Total Funding $412,671