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Brushy Mountain Retreat


Our program is designed for the active woman who wants a focused, comprehensive approach to health and weight management.  We offer intensive educational programs of either one, two, three, four or more weeks, and limit our enrollment to no more than 40 women.

The curriculum is based on a four-week core concept that can be taken as four, three, two or one week(s) at a time.  The workshops offered throughout the four-week sessions are linked to move the participants through a process of exploration and development. 

“The Beginning”

This intensive one-week experience introduces the fundamentals of building a long-term weight management and healthy lifestyle program.  Participants will start with a fitness program that is safe, comfortable and geared toward weight, age and physical capabilities.  Each participant will create a ‘take-home’ fitness and exercise program that is livable, including resistance training and cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness. 

“Out of the Past”

The two-week program builds on the accomplishments and successes gained in the first week experience.  Eating/behavioral workshops will focus on issues such as dealing with high risk foods and situations that may trigger overeating, bingeing, compulsive eating or emotional eating.  The fitness program continues to offer a wide variety of classes, all of which are taught by our exercise physiologists/fitness specialists and modified according to fitness level and abilities. 

“Into Your Future”

The three and four-week programs represent the core curriculum from which all of the other program experiences have been developed.  These programs offer the greatest opportunity for learning and practicing the Brushy Mountain approach.

This is the most comprehensive program, featuring the full set of core workshops in nutrition, fitness/exercise physiology emotional eating, binge eating and body image.

There is greater opportunity for one-on-one sessions with key senior staff members, while planning and personalizing a program.  More time is available for in-depth discussions and focus on high risk and problem situations. 

The four-week program has been evaluated for its long-term results.  Published in the peer reviewed scientific literature, the five year success rate of the program was documented in a study conducted by researchers at State University.  It showed a success rate over 15 times greater than other previously published results from commercial or hospital-based programs. 

Prices per: Singles Doubles
One Week $1,245  $975 
Two Weeks $2,130  $1,635 
Three Weeks $3,360  $2,650 
Four Weeks $4,340  $3,490 

Costs include: Room, all meals, seminars, fitness evaluations, workshop materials, individual nutrition and fitness consults, plus taxes and gratuities. 

Extra Services
Massage services will be offered at $50/hr.
Personal trainers will also be available at $50/hr.