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Evergreen TV Productions

Products and Services

As stated in the Company Summary section, Evergreen TV Productions is a company of three divisions, selling both products and services according to each division.

Product and Service Description

Services include:

  • Marketing college and university students’ news stories to small market tv stations nationwide.
  • Posting students’ resumes for a certain period (three months) on its website.
  • Assigning each student an account from which he/she can contact stations which purchased his/her tape for potential job opportunities.
  • Assigning each station an account from which the news director may contact students as potential future reporters.

Products include:

  • Video scrapbooks, produced from photos digitized and set to music.
  • Tour and travel videos of local, business or other interest for use in area businesses, as advertising of area businesses, or to promote tour agencies.
  • All types of “evergreen” or “timeless” news stories, such as Health, Travel, Business, Leisure, Sports, Politics, Feature Personalities, etc., which may be of interest to stations and their viewers.

Competitive Comparison

We stand apart from our competition in price and value.

Home Division:
Currently, production companies are hesitant to offer video scrapbooks due to the amount of work necessary for a minimal return on revenue. They would much rather produce corporate productions with a high fee. Locally, a few companies will produce these scrapbooks, but they charge enormous fees. The reason for this is that they do not have a business system in place to allow them to produce these scrapbooks on a timely schedule with minimal cost. From an informal phone survey we gathered rates for a 10 minute video from $500 to $2,000. Additionally, this phone survey showed no true committment to the production elements of music and digital effects. Again, this is due to having no business system in place to provide these essential elements. It can be compared to a hamburger stand trying to become McDonald’s with no actual system in place to keep quality consistent.

Tour and Travel Division:
We offer high value and quality to our customers, and treat every project as if it were the only project. Production companies in general have a reputation for sloppy and careless producing, for overbooking projects, and for inconsistent and exorbitant charges. Our referral acceptance program ensure we will not overbook, we will have a higher degree of responsibility with each customer who is referred, and we cannot charge one customer amount X, and another customer amount Y, as they will probably know each other. The referral program sets us apart, and reassures otherwise wary customers.

B2B Division:
CONUS sells yearly subscriptions of regional news to tv stations nationwide for $20,000/year. Dr. Dean Edell sells yearly subscriptions of health news only, for nearly $30,000/year. MedStar sells yearly subscriptions of health news only, for $24,000/year. Mr. Food, Mrs. Fixit, TravelNet and many others all rank in the $20,000 and above category, and all offer only one topic, either health, food, travel, or how-to’s, but not something from each.

At our online website, EvergreenTV Productions offers a variety of topics to chose from, and stations can pick their own five stories each week to match their news or specific story trends, at a lower cost. They can customize their filler news, instead of throwing in whatever is available, making their newscasts flow smoothly, and eventually helping them generate viewers and thus sales, and all at a much more affordable cost.

Sales Literature

EvergreenTV Productions will rely heavily on presentations to retirement villas, business clubs, and other social outlets for advertising the Home Division. The B2B Division will rely upon one on one sales calls to colleges/universities and tv stations, and upon the Internet for e-mails, faxes and advertising of products and services.


All end product supplies can be purchased locally from Office Depot, Sam’s Club, or Staples, or from a production company on the Internet at minimal cost. End product supplies include tape labels, and VHS/Beta/DVC video tape.

All photos being turned into video are provided by our clients and returned with the finished video product.

For the B2B Division, we do not buy our stories, but trade our marketing and resume services to students for their stories. A legally drawn-up contract is held between EvergreenTV Productions and each student, once his/her story is accepted. By agreeing, the student gives us the story for any commercial use, and he/she agrees to use that story only in job-searching. We then sell the story for profit and expenses (such as video tapes for dubbing purposes).

We also own over $12,000 worth of video and editing equipment, and can do our own stories, at no further cost to the company.


We use both Windows and Macintosh technology in our company. Windows and Office products are used mainly for all databases, word processing, and accounting needs. Macintosh products are used primarily for video editing, and loading video onto our website. We also have all the necessary components for a digital video production center, including cameras, mini-disc recorders, microphones, and lights. All other items can be rented per project at a low cost. Eventually, we would like to include DVD-R drives on our computers, to allow us to copy to DVD, rather than simply VHS tape (Home Division).

In addition to standard computers, scanner-copier-printer centers, we also use electronic faxing via the Internet, cell phone, DSL Internet subscriber line and several video tape recorders of various formats, including Beta SP, SVHS, DVC, and 3/4″. We are currently in communication with a media streaming Internet company regarding posting these news stories on the Internet to be downloaded directly to the tv stations who purchase the stories. This would eliminate the need for hard tape, and would give the stations instant access to stories they could download to their specific tape format.

Future Products and Services

Within the next five years, we will add storefronts statewide, all following consistent guidelines in our business system.

We would like to franchise this store nationwide.

Within the next three to five years, we will add production of our own brand of travel news to our product line.