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Michael's Video Service


Michael’s Video Service is in business to cover events and special occasions on a freelance basis. What we will be providing is an alternative solution for video companies or out of town television stations. Instead of them sending a crew or taking time out of their busy schedules, they can hire us to do the filming for them. This gives them the opportunity to focus on their core competencies. 

We will attend any and every event that we will have to cover for our customer. Using our experience, we will find a strategic location from which we will film. Once the filming is complete, we will then deliver the tape to the customer.

Michael’s Video Service will contract video services to its target markets. Services are not only limited to the Denton, we are able to travel around the country. Our main goal is to contract our services to anyone who may need an event video taped.

3.1 Service Description

The operation begins with the customer contacting Michael’s Video Service with the intent of using our services. All the details of the event are gathered and all the relevant information pertaining the specific requirements, as well as the delivery of the tape. Thereafter, we attend the event and proceed to do the filming. Once the filming is completed, the next step is to deliver the tape to the customer.

3.2 Technology


Analog is the old technology and digital is the new. Analog communication systems involve the amplitude modulation of a radio signal. In other words, they transmit and receive information through a continuous flow of electromagnetic signals. An inherent weakness of the technology is that analog signals weaken over distances and require additional equipment to boost them as they travel.

Digital cameras are the future of television broadcasting as well as the future of consumer camcorders. The FCC has mandated that all television stations must transmit a digital signal to the homes of its viewers by 2002.

In keeping up with the trends in the industry, we plan to purchase the latest digital equipment on the market. We plan to use the following equipment:

  • DLC Qualcomm 500
  • Sanyo 2000 video equipment
  • Sanyo 2000 wireless equipment