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Safe Keeping

Web Plan Summary

A simple but comprehensive overview of what services our company offers will be provided on this site. A database will be kept that will help in future marketing endeavors. This will be done with a record kept of all visits to the site and a mailing list will be compiled to contact potential customers through emails.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Our target market is businesses and homeowners in the greater Eugene/Springfield area. With information collected on the site through contact with potential customers we will modify our marketing plan to reach all potential customers. Basic information will be offered on the site listing our services. It is not our intent that the website be the main focus in our marketing plan, but that it is one component.

6.2 Development Requirements

Safe Keeping will use Fred Jones as a consultant to develop the initial website. We will maintain the website ourselves and if any questions or problems come up Fred will be happy to help out. It will take roughly two months to develop the site. The website will feature our services along with associated costs listed.