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Chef Vending

Management Summary

Chef Vending is a small, family-owned and operated business. The work is organized by function, and the business is carried out in a logical and organized structure. The work environment is characterized by hard work, respect, and a familial structure.

6.1 Organizational Structure

Chef Vending is organized around three functional areas:

  1. Sales and marketing.
  2. Finance and administration.
  3. Route development and service.

6.2 Management Team

Javier Palmera- Partner and co-founder of Chef Vending. Palmera brings a diverse background which includes sales, marketing, and promotion in the beverage industry in Colombia. Additionally, he has experience in promotions and productions through his work at a morning TV program in Philadelphia. He is a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Single, 27 years old.

Mauricio Ordonez- Partner and co-founder of Chef Vending. Utilizing his law degree in Colombia, Ordonez has spent time in both public and private enterprises. He has vast entrepreneurial experience, having developed restaurants, hotels, and distribution companies in Miami and in Bogota. Married, two children, 50 years old.

Charles Mulligan- Partner. Mulligan has spent the last twelve years in the hospital management business. With an MBA from Drexel University, he has experience in financial and operational management. Additionally, he has had experience in marketing, contract negotiations, and distribution. Single, 39 years old.

6.3 Management Team Gaps

There are some important gaps as follows:

  1. Limited vending industry experience.
  2. Technical support needs to be developed.

As we grow and generate additional business, we will look to bring on technical staff to provide us the support and service capabilities that we will provide to our customers. We will also look to bring on a sales team and we will focus on bringing in knowledgeable, experienced industry hands.

6.4 Personnel Plan

Chef Vending will begin with only two employees, Mulligan and Palmera. Chef Vending will contract with Ordonez, through his affiliate company, MO Global. Compensation for this staff is low at the beginning, and we will look to have a 15% and a 20% increase in the following two years.

As revenue allows, we will add technical staff, sales staff, and an office administrator to handle the increased volume.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Javier Palmera $43,200 $49,680 $59,616
Charles Mulligan $43,200 $49,680 $59,616
Technician $16,500 $18,900 $19,845
M&O $50,160 $57,684 $69,221
Future Staff $0 $75,000 $115,000
Total People 4 7 9
Total Payroll $153,060 $250,944 $323,298