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Used Auto Sales Business Plan


Integrity Auto Sales sells top-quality used vehicles at a competitive price. Integrity buys pre-inspected vehicles wholesale from well known local car dealers, and auto auctions. Integrity continually maintains a diverse stock of vehicles, providing the widest selection for individual needs.

Vehicles are purchased weekly, to add to the current stock on hand. Each vehicle is thoroughly inspected by an ASE mechanic with over 25 years of experience. Only vehicles that pass this critical 26 point inspection are sold on site.

3.1 Product Description

Integrity Auto Sales sells all types of used vehicles, from sports cars to RVs. We cater to each customer individually, to satisfy their own practical needs.  We buy only the best used vehicles at or below wholesale in order to bring the savings to the customers. Each vehicle is thoroughly inspected by an ASE mechanic with over 25 years of experience. We also offer an auto finding service to customers. If we do not have the vehicle they want in stock, we will find one for them.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

Integrity Auto Sales has several advantages over its leading competitor:

  1. Quality inventory, backed by an excellent warranty, for a competitive price.
  2. A very thorough inspection process to avoid selling any "lemons."
  3. A highly-experienced sales staff with a mission to serve the customers by making the necessary purchase of a vehicle an enjoyable experience with unmatched customer satisfaction.

3.3 Sourcing

Sourcing is critical for any enterprise, and has a direct impact on vehicle pricing. Our primary source for used cars is the local dealers (Romania, Lithia, Kendall, Kiefer's, and Guaranty) who wholesale vehicles to reduce a large used car inventory. We will thoroughly inspect each vehicle and select only the best to maintain a high quality of inventory. We will purchase vehicles bi-monthly through Brashers Auto Auction in Eugene, and the Portland Auto Auction. We will also provide a consignment service, by exception, for quality vehicles that are in demand, for a 15% handling fee. Lastly, we will take limited trades of used vehicles, ensuring resale value at or above wholesale price. The majority of our vehicles will be priced between $1,000 and $10,000, averaging $5,000 per vehicle. A far greater profit margin is available for low-end $2,000 vehicles than high-end $10,000 vehicles. Most sales promotions and advertising costs are limited, and will be handled in-house by our record keeper.

3.4 Sales Literature

Integrity Auto Sales will use local advertising in daily newspaper classified, Nickel Ads, and the Auto Trader to reach our customers.

  • Newspaper advertisements in Oregon regional newspapers that advertise specific sales promotions.
  • Online vehicle classified through a company Web page.

3.5 Future Products

Future products will include specialized sales in used recreational vehicles, trailers, off-road vehicles, and marine products. These products will be purchased and sold through the same methods, and taken in on trade. They will further diversify a wide selection and there exist limited competition in the used recreational vehicle business.

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