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Integrity Auto Sales


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Our marketing strategy will focus on four segments. Those segments are described in the following subtopics. We will implement a strategy that treats customers as a community. This means our marketing resources will be centered around advertising both sales promotions (events) and personal sales (customer service, friendly atmosphere).

  • The marketing budget will not exceed $6,000 per year.
  • Marketing promotions will be consistent with the Mission Statement and support the following objectives:
    1. 100% customer satisfaction, measured through repeat customers, referrals and surveys.
    2. To achieve a respectable profit margin within the first three-years.
    3. To achieve a healthy net profit by year two.

Students will include high school and college age students who need a safe and economical car. This group is concerned with price, flashy looks, and being cool. These drivers tend to be less educated and will buy on impulse paying more for less car. They will also buy cars more often than others, on average every two to three years.

The retired group will focus on practicality. Cost may be less important than quality and features. This group wants comfortable, nicely equipped vehicles at a reasonable price. They will want a vehicle that will last for years.

Families will focus on safe, practical vehicles. Something that will last for years, can fetch groceries, carry the kids, and perform long trips. Many will be on a budget, and price may be a big factor. They will shop around and educate themselves on vehicles, shopping for a specific make or model.

The last group is the singles. They are similar to the students in that they want flashly cool cars, but may be a working professional who can afford to pay more for a higher-quality vehicle.

Sales Plan

Sales compensation is based on a percent of profits. We will invest adequate time and resources into training each member of the sales team and into good customer relations. Salesmen will be paid a portion of their salary based on commission. Good performance is rewarded with increased commission and bonuses. However integrity will not be sacrificed for sales. Customer satisfaction will continue to be a top priority. All potential sales will be attended to in a timely fashion and long-term salesperson-customer relationships will take precedence over sales closure.


Locations & Facilities

  • The company office is located at 12345 HWY 99, Junction City, OR 97666.
  • The office is approximately 1,000 square feet and has ample space for the first three years of growth.
  • The 20,000 square foot lot and building is leased from the principal owner.


Integrity Auto Sales sells top-quality used vehicles at a competitive price. Integrity buys pre-inspected vehicles wholesale from well known local car dealers, and auto auctions. Integrity continually maintains a diverse stock of vehicles, providing the widest selection for individual needs.

Vehicles are purchased weekly, to add to the current stock on hand. Each vehicle is thoroughly inspected by an ASE mechanic with over 25 years of experience. Only vehicles that pass this critical 26 point inspection are sold on-site.

Integrity Auto Sales sells all types of used vehicles, from sports cars to RVs. We cater to each customer individually, to satisfy their own practical needs.  We buy only the best used vehicles at or below wholesale in order to bring the savings to the customers. Each vehicle is thoroughly inspected by an ASE mechanic with over 25 years of experience. We also offer an auto finding service to customers. If we do not have the vehicle they want in stock, we will find one for them.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Q1 Review
Mar 06, 2020
Q2 Review
June 08, 2020
Q3 Review
June 11, 2020
Q4 Review
Dec 13, 2020

Key Metrics

Our key metrics are: 

  • # of facebook posts and pageviews 
  • # of tweets and retweets
  • # of reps that meet and excel their quotas. 
  • cogs of our most popular cars
  • website page views and shares 
  • Follow our customers figure out their favorite cars and features