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Review courses and specific topic tutoring for courses in (not an exhaustive list):

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Calculus
  • Algebra

Resources include collections of prior exam questions from each of the courses offered at the graduate school of management with extensive experience reviewing testing patterns. Students are provided with study strategies to help them better focus their personal study time to better prepare for upcoming exams.

Students are encouraged to review exam results to see where they still have room for improvement. Experience has shown that many of the professors in the local programs use exams more for teaching tools than evaluation tools. Review of exams are therefore helpful in grasping concepts needed on future exams as well as gauging progress in the course.

Private tutoring sessions are available, as well as small group study sessions. Students are encouraged to come prepared with questions and items to discuss. Students are also encouraged to ask the tutor questions throughout the week in between sessions. Questions are submitted and answered via email. While this takes up time for Bryan and is not directly billed out, it is a value added service for all clients.

Bryan's Tutoring employs the Systematic Analysis Framework (SAF), a problem solving method that students can apply to a wide range of subjects and problems. SAF provides the students with the necessary tools to solve the problem at hand, but also empowers them with a systematic approach to solving future issues. This unique approach does not just address the current question the student has, but provides them a problem solving method for all conceivable difficulties. SAF is quite effective at lowering a student's anxiety when faced with new subjects because they then have a method of approach that they can use to assist them.

Rates are:

  • Individual tutoring, $20/hour
  • Two people at $15 each/hour
  • Three people at $12 each/hour
  • Four people at $10 each/hour
  • Five people at $9 each/hour
  • Six people at $8 each/hour

Many international students are sponsored by organizations that assist the students in the economic and social costs/issues of studying in a foreign country. Many of these agencies have money set aside for tutoring and Bryan's Tutoring will work closely to develop a business relationship with the various organizations.

The tutoring sessions take place either on campus or within Bryan's office (within his residence). The student is offered the choice of locations.

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