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Bryan's Tutoring Service


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

The real key to this business is staying ahead of the changing student roster. It is important to get out and get seen by all of the incoming students. Testimonials by prior clients are very helpful. A barbecue or party at the beginning of the year would give students a chance to meet and mingle with tutors and get to know who to turn to for help when they feel they need that extra little edge.

The marketing strategy will also incorporate a networking focus where the Bryan’s Tutoring is in close contact with the professors. This allows the company to be quite familiar with the material the various professors are teaching. It also provides the professors with an opportunity to offer referrals to Bryan’s Tutoring for students that need additional assistance that the school cannot provide.

While Bryan’s Tutoring primarily serves Willamette University’s graduate programs, it will also serve the undergraduate departments and other local colleges. Bryan’s Tutoring will place advertisements in the different student newspapers. These advertisements will be effective due to their low cost and targeted readership. Students are the almost exclusive readers of the newspapers so Bryan’s Tutoring receives considerable visibility.

Lastly, upon permission from the various schools, Bryan’s Tutoring will disperse flyers into students mailboxes, communicating to the students the various services Bryan’s Tutoring offers and why it stands out in terms of effectiveness relative to the competition. These flyers will also be posted on various bulletin boards within the student areas.

Sales Plan

The bulk of sales come from word of mouth. When new students come into the school, the upperclassmen tell them about the resources available. So past clients provide most of the advertising for the company. Getting seen and getting the word out to new students is always important. One important message to convey is that the tutoring services are not just for slow students who are having a hard time keeping up, but for anyone who wants an edge and to get the most out of their learning experience.

Bryan’s Tutoring will develop and maintain testimonials of past student clients for a sales pitch indicating just how helpful Bryan’s Tutoring has been to the students. Bryan’s Tutoring will periodically offer a free session, typically in the beginning of the school term. The goal of this session is to provide qualified leads with an opportunity to experience Bryan’s Tutoring and view for themselves how effective the service can be. This sales event will be able to convert many possible customers into paying customers, people that possibly would not have even considered a tutoring service, not previously recognizing their own need for such a service. After the free session many "doubters" will be converted into customers.

The sales strategy will also emphasize the ability for students to create private groups for tutoring. By forming a group, the students pay less per person, Bryan’s Tutoring makes more per hour, and it promotes group work, a fundamental educational and real world tool.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Develop Agreements with Willamette Professors
Nov 08, 2017
First Large group of students
Jan 03, 2018
Nearing Hourly Capacity
Jan 23, 2018
Q1 Review
Mar 13, 2018
Q2 Review
June 14, 2018
Q3 Review
Sept 12, 2018
Q4 Review
Dec 12, 2018

Key metrics

Our Key Metrics are: 

  • student grades and achieving goals 
  • students tutored
  • student retention
  • parent satisfaction
  • word of mouth
  • # of tweets and retweets 
  • # of reviews on yelp and google 
  • # of facebook views and likes