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Interstate Travel Center

Products and Services

Interstate Travel will be a travel center/truck stop offering an array of goods and services. The travel center will have a convenience store as well as gas/diesel fuel pumps. Amenities for NAFTA and other travelers, such as public restrooms, separate trucker entrances, showers, telephones, game room, trucker lounge/TV room, scales, and a parking lot, will also be included.

The suggested branding is for market impact. The branding recommendations made by the feasibility study are Chevron, Diamond Shamrock, Texaco, or a private brand.

The following sections relate the goods and services that are suggested for the travel center. These suggestions are based on our findings and the location classification. It must be stressed that the development of Interstate Travel’s travel centers will be completed in stages. This is in order to create maximum efficiency while still remaining within the spending boundaries.

3.1 Store

Suggested Goods and Services, Convenience Store:

  • Two registers and checkout areas.
  • 16-20 quantity walk-in cooler.
  • 16-20 quantity fountain drink selections.
  • Coffee offering based on customer mix.
  • Heavy snack items.
  • Travel grocery items.
  • Extra-heavy oil and other offerings based on the customer mix.
  • Public restrooms which will be both large and nice.
  • Separate amenities for truckers, such as entrances and restrooms.

All sites that have been evaluated by Paragon/Solutions list the above retail goods and services, and we feel these will contribute the most to the success of the location. Any variance from these suggestions could have a direct affect on the success of this site.

3.2 Food

Suggested Goods and Services, Fast Food:
The following fast food offerings are suggested for this location based on our findings:

  • National brand fast food: Phase III only
  • Privately-owned full service restaurant (Interstate Travel): Phase I

Other Suggested Fast Food Amenities:

  • Indoor seating for 64-69 patrons (develop and grow in phases).
  • Drive-thru window (with car stack capabilities): Phase III.
  • Order station (with car stack capabilities): Phase III.
  • Interior menu board and order line.
  • Phase III: Introduce additional fast food.
  • Phase III: Increase to seating for 120 patrons.

3.3 Facility

Signage Recommendations

  • High-rise highway sign (essential).
  • Brand pole/Street family sign.
  • Store name sign.
  • Gas/Diesel price sign.
  • Fast food sign.
  • Building sign.
  • Other: Highway billboards (North, South, East, and West of site, 20-25 miles).
  • Other: Directional signage.

Suggested Goods and Services: Miscellaneous

  • Auto parking: develop in phases.
  • Truck parking: develop in phases.
  • Air and water.
  • Signage (per brand).

Parking Development Phases:

  • Parking quantity Phase I: 50-75 spots.
  • Parking quantity Phase II: 150-225 spots.
  • Parking quantity Phase III: 250-425 spots.
  • Parking quantity Phase IV: 400-425 spots.
  • Parking quantity Phase V: Purchase more land.

3.4 Gas

Suggested Goods and Services, Gasoline Installation:

  • Multiple Pump Dispensers at gas islands/Phase I.
  • Quantity of MPDs: four/Phase I.
  • Diesel offering at one or more gasoline islands both outside islands.
  • TV monitors and credit card acceptance on MPDs.

Gasoline Canopy:

  • 100% coverage/Phase I.
  • Branded/Phase I.

Gasoline Configuration (layout style):

  • Head-in/Drive-in (cars face building when fueling)/Phase I.

Gasoline Development Phases:

  • Phase I: four gasoline MPDs.
  • Phase II: four gasoline MPDs.
  • Phase III: six gasoline MPDs.
  • Phase IV: six gasoline MPDs.

3.5 Diesel

Suggested Goods and Services, Diesel Facility:
The following type of diesel facility is suggested for this location based on our findings compared to the site size, traffic flow and competition.

  • Fueling lanes for large trucks/quantity: four (Phase I).
  • Diesel pumps with slaves (clones), dual-sided fueling capabilities.
  • Single fuel lanes for smaller vehicles/quantity: one (Phase III).
  • High speed pumps at dual fueling lanes.
  • Air, water, and window cleaning equipment at fueling islands.
  • Un-branded diesel.
  • Charge/pay systems associated with the trucking industry.
  • Truck parking capabilities/quantity. 50-75 (Phase I only).

Diesel Development Phases:

  • Diesel Phase I: four fueling lanes.
  • Diesel Phase II: six fueling lanes.
  • Diesel Phase III: eight fueling lanes.
  • Diesel Phase IV: eight fueling lanes.

3.6 Future Products and Services

A motel and full service trailer/truck repair shop are planned for phase III of this project. Other lease spaces for services, such as shoeshines, haircuts, a medical center, and other kiosk centers, will be available in the critical third phase of development.