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Travel Tour Agency Business Plan


The local tourism industry has been growing rapidly over the last decade due to increases in the number of people seeking holidays in the country. With this in mind we intend our marketing programmes to expand accordingly. The introduction of good brochures and other sales literature will enable Sephats Tours to market to potential customers. We project sales to increase accordingly, though slightly slower as we establish a reputation for ourselves. With time, we intend to be at the forefront of customers' minds with regards to travel excursions.

Throughout the year we intend to undertake regular evaluations of our marketing programmes so as to ensure that we are in line with our intended objectives. In summary we intend to undertake the following:

  1. Tracking and follow-up: We intend to have the discipline, as an organization, to track results of the business plan and make sure that we implement it.

  2. Market segment focus: We intend to have the discipline to maintain the market segment focus.

  3. Customer Follow-up: We intend to have the discipline as an organization to constantly follow-up on customers so as to ensure that we are meeting their expectations at all times.

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