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Adventure Excursions Unlimited

Management Summary

The three founders of AEU are Jordan Stephan, Jillyn Certo, and Loren Harlo. They will occupy management roles within AEU, as well as being the specialist in at least one type of hard-adventure activity and being responsible for the management and operation of key functional areas.

Jordan Stephan, VP, Corporate Council, Business Development, and Mountain Biking Activity Supervisor: Jordan received his Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, PA. While there, he was president of the Washington and Jefferson Cycling Club and Team for two years. He completed his Master of Business Management/Doctor of Jurisprudence, joint degree program at Willamette University where he has served as the secretary of the Environmental Law Society, and chairperson for the Willamette University Public Interest Law Project (WUPILP). As chairperson, Jordan supervised twenty-five staff members and raised $14,000. Jordan has also managed a bicycle shop for two years. Following graduate school, Jordan worked for where Jordan did business development, organizational development, and other management activities. He is responsible for all logistics on the mountain bike trips.

Jordan’s expertise in mountain bike trip logistics comes from years of cycle touring. Jordan has cycled across the country and around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Vermont. Jordan has also done a great deal of backpacking, backcountry hiking and snowshoeing. He has served as a consultant on many long-distance bicycle tours in the United States and abroad. In addition to his role as logistical planner, Jordan will be responsible for part-manufacturing for the mountain bike trips as he has manufacturing expertise from several years of design and improvement experience with outdoor gear.

Jordan’s extra curricular activities are based upon his love for the outdoors. He has been a competitive cyclist and runner for the last five years. He competes in cycling road races, endurance mountain bike races, and road/trail running races up to half-marathons. His current favorite activity is the duathlon or run/bike/run events. He would like to combine his experience and education with his love for the outdoors. The AEU business concept is a reflection of this desire.

Jillyn Certo, VP, Human Resource Manager/Corporate Trainer, and Ski-trip Coordinator: Jillyn graduated with two Bachelor of Science Degrees, one in corporate and industrial fitness and the other in occupational safety, from Oregon State University in 1991. Jillyn completed her MBA work at Atkinson Graduate School of Management in 1998. She has six years experience in the field of safety. After Atkinson Jillyn worked at Nike as a human resource specialist. Her interests include scuba diving and downhill skiing. Jillyn has competed in track & field as well as in horse shows and barrel racing. Along with her interest in sports, Jillyn has a variety of experience with business and pleasure travel. Jillyn will supervise the training of our leaders.

Loren Harlo, Marketing Manager and White-water Adventure Coordinator: Loren is twenty-seven years old. He received his Bachelor degree in psychology from Western College and graduated Magna cum Laude. He will complete his Master of Business Administration degree (with an emphasis in marketing) in 1998. Following graduate school, Loren worked for Burley Cooperative as a marketing manager. Loren has been active in athletics for twenty-years. He played football at the grade school, high school and college level, as well as basketball, track and field, and competition karate. He is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for water sports, skiing, hiking, hunting and fishing. He has recently taken up kayaking. Loren gained self-employment and management experience as an independent contractor for the Union Pacific Railroad. He has also managed and operated a small restaurant. He has always planned to own his own business and realized, while working independently, that he needed the knowledge of business management that an MBA program could provide.

Though the founding members intend to take an active role in the operation of AEU, additional management will be sought out. AEU is open to assistance from experienced managers associated with venture capital providers.

6.1 Personnel Plan

The following table shows the personnel plan for AEU.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Jordan Stephan $30,000 $30,000 $30,000
Jillyn Certo $30,000 $30,000 $30,000
Loren Harlo $30,000 $30,000 $30,000
Mountain Bike Trip Personnel $70,000 $150,000 $170,000
Heli-skiing Personnel $120,000 $170,000 $200,000
White-water Adventure Personnel $70,000 $125,000 $155,000
Secretary $18,000 $0 $0
Total People 4 19 19
Total Payroll $368,000 $535,000 $615,000