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RQM Technologies

Management Summary

RQM Technologies’ management will be slow to hire new people, and very loyal to those who are hired. We believe our employees will be our greatest asset, and therefore, as we increase personnel, we will be looking only for individuals whose experience, skills, contacts and expertise will help foster the development and growth of our company. While there is a temptation to hire inexpensive personnel in order to further control costs, our philosophy is that there is a better rate of return in hiring more experienced personnel with expertise in areas we need, so they can immediately contribute to helping attain or exceed the company’s goals and objectives.

Initially, RQM Technologies’ day-to-day operations will be managed by its founders, who prefer a close, hands-on approach to all aspects of their business. As the company grows, we will be adding accomplished Executive Management at the C-Level in order to manage our growth with expertise in the areas most needed. RQM Technologies is a small company with a minimum command hierarchy and a maximum of community spirit and cooperation. Once profitable, we intend on donating a small percentage of proceeds to charitable causes that are within our target market(s), both as a measure of good will and as an added marketing leg. Despite the small size of this company, our business practices are centered on implementing our goals, never losing sight of profitability objectives and ROI for our investor/partner(s).

In order to minimize our start-up costs, we will continue to outsource the manufacturing, industrial design and packaging of our devices until the product demand warrants a more profitable method of producing the quantities needed to fulfill sales orders. Only at that point will we consider manufacturing the products ourselves.

6.1 Management Team

Steven M. Bloome – President/CEO
Mr. Bloome is a 25 year veteran in Sales and Marketing Management, who has worked for such companies as MobileComm – A BellSouth Company, Bear Stearns, Telecast Productions and HiTec Group, International. Mr. Bloome’s strengths include the ability to understand a wide range of business profiles, practices and markets. His accomplishments demonstrate superior strengths and skills in the developing and managing successful sales forces, as well as locating and developing untapped market niches in numerous and diverse industries. He is experienced in partnering with recognized industry-leading companies to add scope, strength and brand awareness to both partner companies in win-win situations. He brought the first battery program to the paging industry by partnering MobileComm with Ray-O-Vac Battery, as well as partnering HiTec Group Int’l with Ameritech to become the Special Needs Center in a five state area.  Mr. Bloome is also experienced in company start-ups, turnaround situations, new product launches and developing a national presence for companies.

Andrew F. Siska – Chief Electrical Engineer/CTO
Mr. Siska has owned and acted as Chief Electronics Engineer of Embedded Systems Electronics, Inc. (ESE) since 1994 and is an active member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. As CEE of Embedded Systems Electronics, Mr. Siska has been contracted by major electronic companies to initially design or improve products such as communication devices, imaging systems, digital camera circuitry, computers, video imaging systems, medical equipment. In his field, Mr. Siska is considered an expert in hardware, software, and electronic engineering. Mr. Siska holds a Bachelors of Electronics Engineering from the Ohio Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management.

6.2 Personnel Plan

Immediate personnel plans call for a minimum of three, to a maximum of five employees for the first year, unless unforseen sales growth dictates the absolute need for additional personnel. After the first year, we anticipate the need for additional personnel in the areas of office management and human resources, experienced technical sales professionals, and financial and technical operations. We may hire these addition personnel on a part-time basis, and move into full time positions as warranted by the company’s growth.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Steven M. Bloome (Pres/CEO) $97,000 $130,000 $175,000
Andrew J. Siska (CTO) $95,500 $120,000 $150,000
CEO $0 $125,000 $150,000
CFO $0 $120,000 $120,000
Reception/Secretarial $22,500 $75,000 $160,000
Total People 3 6 6
Total Payroll $215,000 $570,000 $755,000