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Spanish Resources

Executive Summary

The Internet is changing the World. Before our eyes, the World Wide Web is systematically transforming industry after industry. To an increasing extent, a company does not exist if it is not present on the Internet.

Spanish Resources plans to exploit this trend. The tourism industry is in the early stages of being transformed by the Internet. Spanish Resources will passionately focus on the Mexican tourism segments of this industry. The company will bring Mexican resorts and tourist destinations onto the World Wide Web. By creating websites for our clients, we will establish them on the Web at a key moment in the transformation of the tourism industry.

The company will use its marketing resources to define a new niche in the Mexican tourism market. This niche focus will include website design and overall Web strategy for resort operators and other tourist destinations in Mexico. We will then define ourselves as the leader in this niche.

Spanish Resources expects revenue of $751,350 in the first year, $1,441,500 in the second year and $1,807,550 in the third year. Profits for the same time periods will increase steadily.

We expect employee headcount to grow from four to eleven over the first year and to hold steady there after. The company expects paid-in capital of $300,000 to provide more then adequate working capital for the duration of the plan.

The company will provide a turn-key solution to its clients. However, we will rely on multiple outside vendors to supply website implementation and hosting. The company will provide all other aspects of the service.

Tourism website services business plan, executive summary chart image

1.1 Objectives

Our most important objectives are:

  1. Three major referenceable accounts in the first six months.
  2. An annual revenue of $1,441,500 in the second year.
  3. In the first year, at least fifteen mentions of the company in tourism industry magazines and newsletters.

1.2 Mission

Spanish Resources will remove the language and technology barriers to travel destination operators in Mexico through the use of the Internet in order to reach perspective english-speaking tourists.

We will provide a dynamic and fun work environment with stable, long-term job opportunities that will include exotic travel for some employees and incentive bonuses for all key personnel.