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Full of Bologna

Web Plan Summary

Full of Bologna will have a stunning website.  It will be the virtual business card and portfolio for the company, simple, classy and well designed.  Our site will offer our menus, prices, reviews and happenings.  We will also have a monthly newsletter about what did happen to get new customers interested in our restaurant.  Customers will be able to send us an E-mail when they want to make reservations at our restaurant.  Fast, easy and convenient!

We will have a very small gift shop online.

We will have an online guest book to complement in the foyer.  All conversions to a master email list will occur from online or the guest book.  Our newsletter will be distributed via VOLUNTARY Double Opt-in sign up in AOL, text or html formats.  Our Secure Servers in Blisstate auto-recognize how people want email delivered.  Each newsletter will also offer immediate, one-click removal from the list.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Our Web Marketing will center primarily around distribution of our URL via paper means first.  That will plug and pull unique hits on our real time database reporting and stats.  Our restaurant concept will not rely on achieving first hit status for keywords to draw customers into the premise.  Rather, a visit to the website will most always be an after-the-fact event; such as after visiting the restaurant or after reading our brochure or after hearing our commercial on the radio.

We will garner some specific unique entry hits via usage of our time proven keyword and html skills at Formaggio Azioni, LLC.  These will result in number one placement across certain keywords and dozens of engines, worldwide.  We have had success using numerous URLs, keyword generation and testing with the number one rated international, “Web Position Gold 2” program.  In addition to that, complete, separate websites are built specifically for precise search engines.  The most intelligent designers are able to achieve #1 ranking via weekly updating across 1,200+ engines.  Our primary goal model is the Google engine.

Translation in six languages will also be offered for free and then, paid, through SYSTRAN (in 2006).

We will be linked to/from hundreds of websites, including the Border County Chamber of Commerce and US Chamber of Commerce.

6.2 Development Requirements

The Full of Bologna website will initially be developed with few technical resources.  Our simple hosting provider,, Inc. will host the site and provide the technical back end.

We will develop the simple, elegant, yet Internet focused site.

The maintenance of the site will be done by Fluto Gorgonzola, who is currently designing the graphics and logos. Future development such as newsletters and other related special restaurant issues will come about.