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Full of Bologna

Management Summary

The initial management team depends on the founders themselves, with little back-up.  As we grow, we will take on additional consulting help, plus graphic/editorial, sales, and marketing.

Full of Bologna, A Taste of North Italy depends on the Main Bartender (Gimli Kefalotiri), Main Managers (Tsoutsouros Graviera and Vasto Parmigiano) and Executive Chef/Owner (Fluto Gorgonzola) for management.  Main management responsibilities will be divided between the top three.  While all three are still focused mainly on the quality of expertise, one must take ultimate responsibility for administration and finance and marketing, one for personnel and property and one for food service.

Operating under the successful principles of noted consultant W. Edwards Deming – we will not have organizational charts, preferential parking spots or other icons that create barriers to growth and heightened team development. 

Full of Bologna is not over-focused on being departmentalized.  Fluno Gorgonzola, is also the lead manager.  The company makes all decisions in accordance with the company mission.  Employees are given specific tasks based upon their creativity, knowledge, and social ability.  A tremendous focus is placed on cross training – similar to the US Navy system of qualification cards and Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS).

Every three months, the CEO assesses the results of these tasks and the personality of the employee involved to determine promotion and/or salary issues.

The key to fulfillment and delivery will be provided by the principal of the business, Fluno Gorgonzola and a host of team helpers.  Ensuring success each step of the way, with invaluable resource veterans, is key this plan.  The real core value is professional expertise, provided by a combination of experience, hard work, and education (in that order) from several helpers.

Management Team*

  • Fluno Gorgonzola — Certified Executive Chef and Certified Restaurant Manager
  • Vasto Parmigiano — Restaurant Day Manager
  • Gimli Kefalotiri — Bar and Lounge Manager
  • Tsoutsouros Graviera — PR and Night Manager  


  • James Mantua — Realistic restaurant operation and opening  
  • Rick Monte Cassino — Maitre Cuisinier — Menus
  • Rupert and Abruzzi Salerno — Chefs— Cash operations, design, bar, wine, menu, loss reduction at bar and kitchen
  • Allan Flivver and Joe Bastogne — Small Business Association (SBA), Service Corps of Retired Business Executives (SCORE) — Business planning
  • Jean-Baptiste Capsize — Executive Chef — Menus and systems
  • Herve le Chevre — Executive Chef — Menu and stream-lining of corporate educational process and training
  • Musukama Eelray — Executive Chef — Menu and training of staff
  • Lihue Kamaina — Executive Chef — Menu and business operations
  • Hank Stellanova — Executive Chef — Menu and kitchen operations, cookbook publishing and television cooking show production
  • Toto Scorche — Executive Chef — Equipment and operations
  • Joachim Hanko — Sommelier — Wine and spirits
  • Anne Charleston — Master Sommelier — Wine, spirits, beer, cigars
  • Denise Elmsford — Education Assistant — Staff training

* Confidential and Proprietary Information removed from this Sample Plan.

We will turn to qualified professionals for freelance back-up in market research and presentation and report development, which are areas that we can afford to contract out without risking the core values provided to the clients.

7.1 Personnel Plan

There are currently less than five employees of Full of Bologna.  The growth of the company will be determined by how accurately and efficiently the company is able to implement the facets of this business plan.

Each member of the Full of Bologna team is highly valued; everyone is expected to have opinions, as it is a team that will make this company excel. It is the mission of the company to employ people who are committed to a high standard of excellence, who thrive on a team atmosphere, and who have outstanding customer service skills. This idealism is represented by the current staff, and will continue to be the guideline by which new team members are hired.

General computer and highly automated Micros processes will streamline functions.  A number of expensive, labor intensive tasks will not be needed at Full of Bologna.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Manager Day $24,000 $50,000 $52,500 $55,125 $57,881
Manager Night $18,000 $36,000 $37,800 $39,690 $41,674
Manager Lounge/Bar $18,000 $36,000 $37,800 $39,690 $41,674
Wait Staff day & night – 16 x 40 hrs x 4.00 p/hr $16,640 $30,720 $32,256 $33,869 $35,562
Dishwasher – 2 x 40 hrs x 7.00 p/hr $13,720 $26,880 $28,224 $29,635 $31,116
Cooks – 2 day & 3 night = 7 x 40 hrs x 10.00 p/hr $70,000 $134,400 $141,120 $148,176 $155,584
Bartenders – 4 flex x 40 hrs x 2.50 p/hr $10,000 $19,200 $20,160 $21,268 $22,226
Executive Chef $34,000 $60,000 $62,000 $64,000 $66,000
Total People 0 0 0 0 0
Total Payroll $204,360 $393,200 $411,860 $431,453 $451,717