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Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

How We Get There From Here…

Edgar Risk Ventures has several projects identified at present for immediate or near-future commencement. The sequence of initiation for these projects is based on the strategic placement of product within the middle market of the music industry. There is ample room in this market for successful operations such as Edgar Risk Ventures, offering enthusiastic audiences who exhibit unusually high levels of loyalty to their favored entertainers and artists. Each new project will be designed to integrate with the previous one, while also penetrating new but kindred markets.

Project Strategy

Pricing strategies, product sales forecasts, strategic partnerships, market penetration, audience reception–all are individually dependent upon the unique aspects of both artist and product and weigh heavily upon the techniques utilized for project implementation. Thus the strategy of separate financing for each project substantially benefits ERV in establishing firm footing and stability for a project’s performance and life. These projects will ‘live’ in the marketplace individually, but will also become part of the ERV family of active, viable, revenue-producing components of its complete portfolio. Should a project not live up to its initial revenue projections, its impact is lessened by the others, with the possibility that one negative result could seriously harm the parent company becoming a remote, if not non-existent, eventuality.

The well-informed, cautious but enthusiastic planning of each project will provide for contingencies associated with both ERV and the individual component. Identification of appropriate audiences, whether domestic or foreign, is key to a project’s success. There are receptive audiences in Japan who are eager for good bluegrass music, both instrumental and vocal; while in the U.S., the same artist(s) would become just ‘part of the pack’ and must vie desperately for recognition in a burgeoning genre.

Identification of audience, assessment of artist abilities and reach, the strategic release of recorded product, worldwide exposure through Internet concentration and well-placed, beneficially-crafted contracts with suppliers will provide Edgar Risk Ventures a solid, firm footing upon which to build. The principals of this firm are not only well-equipped to accomplish this type of strategic evaluation, but are endowed with various talents, which when combined, form a formidable and impressive ‘knack’ for weighing and coordinating all components wisely to produce success.

Marketing Strategy

One of the leadoff projects will be a regional release coupled with a digital satellite release on Bob Edgar. The digital satellite testing has already been accomplished on this artist with phenomenally encouraging results. There is already a niche market for his product in the United States, as well as selected areas overseas. His name is known in the music production industry, and recapturing of the public audience appears not just possible, but entirely probable. Although re-entering the music market requires a certain amount of maintenance and attention, it is not Bob Edgar’s singular desire to focus entirely on his own artistic career. He enjoys producing, has immense ability to educate and guide hungry new talent and is looking forward to interacting with ERV clients on an ongoing and profitable basis. The re-establishment of his ‘name’ in the music industry, however, will add significant credibility and status for the planned activities of Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd.

Concurrent with the preparation of Bob Edgar’s project will be the initiation of other projects hitting more specialized markets (bluegrass and religious), offering the expansion of reach and market array that will attract future clients. There are additional clients from the country music sector ‘waiting in the wings’ to fill out what will be a busy first year for this company. Initiation of these projects will be timelined for strategic impact as well as profitability.

Sales Strategy

The following table and charts show the projected sales forecast for Edgar Risk Ventures.

Theatrical music producers business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Theatrical music producers business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Regional Releases $90,180 $225,450 $345,690
Community Dances $109,000 $163,500 $190,750
Miscellaneous Projects $65,730 $86,075 $104,855
Total Sales $264,910 $475,025 $641,295
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Regional Releases $32,174 $51,478 $78,761
Community Dances $56,400 $84,600 $98,700
Miscellaneous Projects $23,730 $31,075 $37,855
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $112,304 $167,153 $215,316