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Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd.


The Goods and How to Get ‘Em…

Edgar Risk Ventures does not necessarily ‘produce’ products, but products become the ‘evidence’ of our services. When a performer or artist comes to us for packaging, the actual CD, digital satellite reproduction, music video, brochures, pictures, etc., can all be considered ‘products’–all are expansions and fulfillment of that individual artist’s ‘performance’ effort. It is difficult at best to foresee the products that may be utilized for each performer. A savvy production group (such as ours) will weigh the performance, charisma, audience acceptance, production grasp and overall marketability of each artist and incorporate only those peripheral ‘products’ that develop into viable components of the project. This requires good judgment, extensive experience, strong management ability, not to mention perhaps the most important and elusive capability…that of ‘reading’ the market. Edgar Risk Ventures encompasses individuals with separate and unique abilities lending themselves to this process. The overall excellence in this endeavor, however, rests in the comprehensive combined expertise of the principals of this company, with their backgrounds in the entertainment industry, business management, marketing, accounting, production, public relations and solid business application. These strengths point to an overall understanding of the marketability and viability of each ‘product’ considered.

Edgar Risk Ventures offers ‘services’ of varied structure and expandability:

  • The complete ‘packaging’ of an artist–comprehensive individual tutoring, extensive rehearsal time, in-studio production work, arrangement and editing of recorded product, coordination of the manufacture and distribution of product, marketing of finished product, ongoing analysis of strategic placement and acceptance of product and performance, influential public relations efforts, follow-up and maximization of audience acceptability with additional strategies to further amplify recognition and revenue, and the coordination and management of live performances in correlation with the recorded product and market demand. Ultimately, the ‘rainbow’s end’ outcome of such a project would be the negotiation with and resultant contractual ‘sale’ or ‘lease’ of an artist/project to a major label recording company.
  • A limited packaging of an artist to result in a specific outcome or product; e.g., a pre-determined number of CDs delivered to the artist per his/her desires (including, of course, all the above activities required to produce said CD). Such packaging may or may not include distribution, marketing and coordination of live performances in conjunction with the produced CD.
  • The complete production and rendition of a desired performance or show including the appropriate above-mentioned activities to effect the client’s directive.
  • Coordination and packaging of community dance projects with Edgar Risk Ventures ‘stable’ performers or contracted entertainers, including all of the above-mentioned activities as required.
  • Contractual negotiation services on behalf of an artist with interested label and management companies.
  • Individual consultant services for artists during rehearsal or studio recording sessions.
  • Actual performances in various venues by Edgar Risk Ventures stable performers for a contracted price.
  • Coordination of strategic ‘gratis’ appearances of artists for public relations and marketing purposes.
  • The development, maintenance, funding coordination and undertaking of any worthwhile and promising project as identified.

Competitive Comparison

We happen to believe that there is no competition in the entertainment industry–only hard work, right marketing, skill in the delivery of a performance, strategic placement of a finished product, maximization of audience acceptability…and then, the final ingredient–the benevolence of the entertainment gods. Or, as Bob Edgar often says, “The audience is like a big pie. Somewhere in that pie are those who like what I do. All I have to do is satisfy them, and I can enjoy my piece of the pie. The only one I’m in competition with is myself.”

We, as a company, subscribe to this concept. It is not competition that creates an Elvis, or a Marty Robbins, or a Faith Hill. Not that one of us plans on becoming the next great star in the firmament. There does exist, however, the possibility that we may ‘discover’ that new star. What does create the new star is the sometimes intangible but undeniable synchronicity of the ‘right’ song sung by the ‘right’ artist with the ‘right’ combination of production, distribution and marketing to result in the audience’s recognition and acceptance of the ‘rightful’ reign of the newly-confirmed heir to fame.

We believe that those ‘right’ components can be applied to every project, thus resulting in a correlation of success and recognition within the parameters of that project. This does not mean we expect every project to produce a ‘star.’ It does mean that we commit ourselves to the excellence and integrity of every project. We expect that most of our clients will hope for the full realization of their entertainment aspirations. We respect and honor their dreams and will perform to the best of our abilities to assist them in their endeavor. Each client will receive exactly what is represented as deliverable. We shall not, however, promise or guarantee any individual’s fame or success. We leave that to the realm of those who deal in destiny.

We do believe that ‘competing’ in the entertainment industry is enhanced and amplified through the following actions, each of which is an integral part of our overall service to each client:

  • Constant and mindful application of industry standards and state-of-the-art technologies. This requires the continuous, sometimes arduous, task of updating and educating oneself on industry developments and evolving techniques.
  • The ongoing maintenance of strategic industry contacts and relationships to ensure a broad understanding of the market and the ability to penetrate and utilize the industry to our benefit.
  • Strong and knowledgeable business management to maximize the potential and profitability of each project and its associated artist/product.
  • Continuous application of accurate accountability of all project components to ensure as much as possible the successful completion of each project and the satisfaction of each client and investor.


Service fulfillment will be provided by principals of Edgar Risk Ventures in coordination with the contributing contractors required to complete ‘products.’ Companies such as recording studios, CD manufacturers and replicators, distribution houses, licensing firms, performance venues, booking agents, traditional and online advertising groups, just to name a few, are regularly contracted to contribute to the finished ‘product’ of a project.