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Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd.

Management Summary

The Players and Their Roles…

The initial management team consists of two operational positions and three advisory manager positions.

Organizational Structure

The operational positions within the company are: president and vice president administration. These positions carry full-time responsibilities for the ongoing daily operation of the company.

The advisory/manager positions are: controller, company counsel and ambassador of goodwill. These positions, in the beginning, carry part-time responsibilities dedicated to specialized functions necessary at times to fulfill the daily operation requirements of the company. As the scope of business enlarges for Edgar Risk Ventures, one or more of these individual positions may become full-time appointments.

Management Team

Bob Edgar, President

The specialized nature of the company’s business scope requires a leading management individual with extensive experience, background and contacts in the entertainment and music production fields. This is what we find in Bob Edgar.

Our visionary, entrepreneur and accomplished entertainer-executive is a Nashville recording artist who has recorded 54 masters, released 21 songs with ten of those achieving regional number one status and three rising to national fame. If you, like many of us, can say to yourself that you have a “memory of my yesterlove,” then perhaps “from a window in your memory” you recall Montana Woman. Bob’s first single, released in 1970, stayed on the charts for more than 20 weeks and became an instant national hit. Many years of entertaining in numerous venues followed Bob’s first record release. Even before that he was entrenched in the entertainment industry, achieving notable national recognition as a DJ throughout the Intermountain West and Southwest. He additionally served as emcee to many Grand Ole Opry road shows, during which time he enhanced both his personal friendship repertoire and established a valuable contact base with many performers and their companies. Bob’s performing career includes appearances throughout the United States, Canada, the Northwest Territories, Alaska and Japan. These involved on-stage performances as well as radio, television and movie appearances.

Given his extensive performance career, one might think all of Bob’s qualifications for this present business venture would come from that quadrant. However, Bob has always believed that music, in addition to being the language of the soul, is and should be managed as a business. Hence, over the years of his career he has compiled a long list of music business accomplishments, some of which are–production of singles and/or albums for individual artists in various venues; negotiating recording contracts with mid- to major-level music companies for individual artists; producing as well as performing in the television pilot, “Cowhide,” of which he still retains ownership; the formation of the Sweetwater Jubilee, a live weekly performance, and its associated Sweetwater Broadcast Network featuring a live weekly radio show, of which he still retains ownership; producing numerous live shows of varying magnitude and audience demographics for fund-raising activities, raising over the years hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities and/or individuals; maintaining a well-organized contact base within the music production and performance industry.

Through this extensive music business background and experience now evolves a businessman-entertainer with weathered wisdom, excellent creative judgment, confidence and shining talent. Bob Edgar is a well-qualified executive who can lead this company forward in accomplishing the myriad projects already envisioned and waiting to be clothed in reality.

Lee Edgar, Vice-President Administration

In addition to “earning her feathers” through the survival of twenty-plus years as partner, confidant, economic specialist, travel companion, planner extraordinaire and helpmate to Bob Edgar (no small feat in and of itself), Lee’s expertise definitely lies in the business administration field. She has spent her business career in executive suites of businesses of varying sizes and has gained experience in almost every industry available–retail consumer, legal and medical, convention and visitor venues, advertising and public relations, sales and marketing, television and computer manufacturing, software technology, television broadcasting, and most recently, the explosive business frontier known as the Internet. This medley of varied experiences has melded into an uncanny knack for relating to and understanding the needs of an extremely broad spectrum of people of every walk of life. This ability lends itself well to the somewhat mystical craft known as “pleasing the masses” in any music/entertainment venture.

Lee possesses the ability to administrate the varied business responsibilities and duties of this fledgling company as well as lending her excellent organizational and management skills to expanding and growing the company in the future. In addition to her extensive experience in office organization and administration, she has also acquired broad experience in the management of staff and/or departmental personnel, project supervision and completion, ‘hands-on’ involvement with music production and performance activities, television production, coordination of performers as well as production contacts, and contractual negotiations.

Lee Edgar is a creative, charismatic, romantic soul who believes her calling is to “pick up the silver threads of challenge and purpose along with the golden threads of vision and desire and guide them onto the loom of reality to produce the fabric of accomplishment.” Her commitment to this company is one of excellence…uncompromised.

Michael Glazewski, Controller

This ‘numbers man’ certainly ‘adds up’ as well qualified to fulfill the responsibilities inherent in the accounting duties of Edgar Risk Ventures. Mike is a Chicago-born, Midwest-raised transplant to Las Vegas via Arizona. Graduating from Arizona State University in 1989 with a BA in Accounting, he has worked in the warehousing industry since then. Mike has gained valuable insight and experience in not only the accounting aspect of business, but in the management of people as well as product and resources… significantly valuable skills for the planned projects of Edgar Risk Ventures.

Mike’s experience includes involvement in budget preparation and compliance; daily business accounting functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger maintenance, financial analysis, banking, strategic planning, purchasing, information systems, company policy establishment and all aspects of maintaining daily business operations.

As the activities of Edgar Risk Ventures proceed, Mike’s expertise will be utilized as required to support operations. He has indicated his commitment to the company to assist in every aspect of company operations falling within the scope of accounting and financial management. As the activities of the company increase, his involvement will increase incrementally. It is anticipated that this position may become full-time by the end of the first nine to twelve months of operation.

On a personal note, Mike’s stability and dependability are enhanced by his loving family–wife Christine, a music therapist who now is a full-time mom to daughters Lauren, currently enjoying kindergarten, Katherine who eagerly attends ballet classes, and the newest addition to their family, Michael Jr., just a month old at this writing. Dad Mike still devotes whatever time he can to the sports he loves best…baseball and golf. All in all, Edgar Risk Ventures will be amply rewarded by Mike Glazewski’s abilities, experience and overall integrity.

Leo Devilbiss, Ambassador of Goodwill

Every well-balanced organization–you know, those that have substance and warmth–has one of those special people who is ‘salt of the earth’ priceless in handling the ‘loose ends’ and those ‘important little details.’ And, through that person’s immaculate dispensation of cheerfulness and tact, he becomes the glue that bonds to all the pieces and holds them together through thick and thin. Yeah, that’s Leo, all right.

Leo Devilbiss is a shining example of the rarest of humans…a truly compassionate and unselfish man. Coupled with this personal accolade is his ability to acquire, organize and administrate. Conscientious and dependable, Leo performs the duties of a procurement officer to a tee. We need a hexagon-shaped yellow widget with purple edges…he finds it. Along the way, he manages to touch with goodwill and enthusiasm the minds and hearts of all those he contacts.

A tireless ambassador of goodwill, he brings the picture of our endeavors into focus with clarity and friendship. That mischievous little sparkle in his eye is just a telltale sign of how much he enjoys his efforts in creating warm welcomes and acceptance of us and what we do. Retired from the U.S. Air Force with 22 years of aeronautical mechanics and scheduling experience, as well as 10 years of part-time work with Sears Roebuck & Company, he comes to us not only as a treasured friend, but someone with both public and business expertise.

Sharing his wife Donna’s love of bluegrass music, the couple lives in Henderson, Nevada, where Leo devotes many hours of every week to the fulfillment of varying duties at the Henderson Senior Center. He loves people, enjoys helping them and never tires in his willingness to provide. He is truly the superior choice to occupy the position of ambassador of goodwill for Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd., a job with enormous importance for an entertainment company.

Personnel Plan

It is anticipated that full-time employment will be required of only the president and vice president administration for the first six to nine months, possibly even the first year of operation. Thus, salaries for only these two employees for that time period are included in the Projected Profit and Loss Statement shown in the next section, with accounting and legal expenses calculated individually. It is difficult to ascertain when additional personnel will be needed, although part-time employment of subcontracted services may be required from time to time.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
President $35,000 $35,000 $35,000
Vice president- Admin $35,000 $35,000 $35,000
Controller $7,000 $7,000 $19,000
Ambassador of Goodwill $7,000 $7,000 $19,000
Total People 4 4 4
Total Payroll $84,000 $84,000 $108,000