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Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd.

Executive Summary


This probably needs a bit of an introduction–it is not your run-of-the-mill music business plan. It is somewhat unconventional, a bit more ‘flashy’ than most, you say…but, you know what? I bet you read it. It’s slightly different, a bit innovative and certainly creative. You see, we had a difficult time conforming to the formal approach, and every so often, rather than slightly breaking one of the rules of ‘business plan etiquette,’ we either mangled it a bit or obliterated it altogether and made up our own. It works for us–we wonder if it will work for you, too.

Every little now and then I wonder how connected we all are as individual beings living in a collective world. I wonder how much we really consider each other. Is life just a separate journey for each of us? Can I make your journey easier? Can you do the same for me? Is it safer to care for only yourself? Funny thing is, even if we choose a solitary path, the ripples from just our thoughts, let alone our actions, are enough to touch someone or something else. We are not solitary souls adrift in a world of chaos, though we may feel that at times. We are dynamic, creative, expressive individuals constantly contributing to the components of life…and thus we create our world. We wanted our Business Plan to convey that, and we wanted you to know our intentions.

Every Little Now and Then…

…someone or something comes along that makes us sit up and pay attention. Something that touches us at a level much deeper than routine…something that whispers to the soul because it holds value, honesty and integrity. Pay attention. This may be that something.

Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd., is formed as an entertainment production, distribution and performance company specializing in the utilization and maximization of current entertainment business opportunities offered through digital satellite music services, the worldwide reach of the Internet, as well as within the middle marketplace of the music industry and consumer venue.

That being said, let’s explain that the balance of this music business plan may not follow all those revered rules of professional etiquette proffered by the ‘experts.’ We are a rather innovative and creative bunch, not given easily to the molding of the masses into narrow visions of ‘should’ and ‘have to.’ On the other hand, we have been around a while and thus gained insight and wisdom lending value to learned lessons and ‘right’ paths. There is immeasurable worth and undeniable clarity that comes from a good Business Plan. Ours, we think, is a dandy but is not the expected ‘stuffy’ treatise. The proof, however, is whether it accurately describes, foretells and transmits the focus and objectives of the company itself. Time will tell, we assume, but perhaps you can judge for yourself if the following ‘rings true’ and holds significance for you.

Theatrical music producers business plan, executive summary chart image


Please allow us a bit of creative license here to tell our story in the words that provide a comfortable format for us…

The Music and What To Do With It…

The sounds of our existence…the cadence of our lives…the melodies of our hearts–all represented, enveloped, molded and embodied in a myriad of musical expressions. Music touches every facet of our lives, giving us hope in moments of despair, ecstasy in moments of passion, victory in struggle and courage in conflict. No, we don’t plan to write, produce and perform the next great musical on Broadway. Yes, we do plan to provide some of the finest music you’ll find just about anywhere. You see, we’re not looking for stardom…most of the players involved with our company have already been there to some extent or another. We’re planning to provide the music you live by, love with, cry because of, laugh at and sing along with. We specialize in reality–you know, one real live someone reaching out to another real live someone…kind of Person to Person, if you know what we mean. There just are those special voices, those incredible songs, those amazing musicians, those undeniably charismatic entertainers who reach into our souls and make us sit up and take notice. One someone will fall under the spell of a country ballad, another will tap their foot to a bluegrass melody, someone else will be mouthing the words to a familiar pop tune, and yet another will zone into a Dixieland jazz piece. That’s the magic of music–it knows no boundaries…it erases them.

Our objective is, simply, to create the business entity that authors the activities of our amazingly gifted group of individuals to produce, distribute and perform musical offerings to be marketed through the digital satellite networks, Internet access and traditional avenues of production and distribution, as well as occasional live performances. We will do this in specific ways to achieve specific results, project by project.

1. By early Fall Year 1, Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd., will be housed in its own fully-functional office with full Internet access, digital satellite licensing/access, and the integrated equipment/personnel infrastructure to meet its project needs.

2. By early Fall Year 1, Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd., will be fully insured, bonded and indemnified to perform the myriad responsibilities involved with the production of music, the packaging for sale of that music and the occasional performance of music.

3. By early Fall Year1, Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd., will have identified no less than four individual projects for production.

4. By the end of Year 1, Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd., will have at least four projects in production or packaged and released into the realm of ‘air play’ and/or market access.

5. By mid-Year 2 and beyond, Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd., will be receiving a return from at least six to nine completed projects ‘living’ in the music marketplace, whether they are through Internet distribution, digital satellite exposure, traditional music market or live performances.

6. By the end of Year 3, Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd., will be receiving a return from a total of twelve new and all previous projects still ‘living’ in the music marketplace.

Keys to Success

1. The strategic organization of creative endeavors into project format, allowing each project to be individually financed, developed, maintained and tracked according to its unique requirements and objectives.

a. Provides the ‘umbrella security and licensing’ from Edgar Risk Ventures but allows each project to live out its own singular existence.

b. Each project becomes a viable revenue source for Edgar Risk Ventures, dependent upon its own success and market worthiness.

c. The multiple-project format allows a broad diversity of effort and application to maximize the potential inherent in each market through individual projects.

d. This format also dilutes the risk involved with each individual project for Edgar Risk Ventures as a result of the separate funding secured for each project.

2. Development of multiple avenues of visibility for Edgar Risk Ventures through strategic contacts, Internet presence, traditional advertising, digital satellite access and product development.

3. Strategic utilization of the unique pool of production and performance talent integral in the personnel makeup of Edgar Risk Ventures.

4. Excellence and commitment woven into every finished product and performance, thus creating the integrity Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd., shall possess.


Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd., offers individual artists the opportunity for recorded performance (CDs, tapes), market distribution, digital satellite air play, traditional air play, Internet marketing and exposure, and market return.

Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd., offers consumers of the digital satellite market, the Internet e-commerce market, the live performance market and the recorded product market the opportunity to obtain high-quality, professionally performed, expertly produced, efficiently distributed music products of many genres including, but not limited to, country, bluegrass, pop, jazz and religious sectors.

Edgar Risk Ventures, Ltd., offers its production, distribution and performance projects through individual format plan to investors as a planned return-on-investment opportunity. Such projects ‘live’ as separate entities, but enjoy the umbrella security, strategic relationships, beneficial knowledge and proficient talent provided by the holding company, Edgar Risk Ventures. These projects ‘live’ as long as the project is viable and enduring.