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Cellular Providers

Marketing Strategy

Cellular Providers developed its sales and marketing strategy by analyzing its own internal strengths and then analyzing current market conditions. This process helped Cellular Providers create its marketing and sales strategy to leverage its competitive advantages with a unique marketing strategy, thus establishing it as the nation’s leading wireless communications service provider for businesses and consumers.

The company will create momentum through critical mass and brand recognition. Cellular Providers will monitor the effectiveness of its marketing efforts in order to determine the advertising return on investment and the commerce generated from the various channels.

Cellular Providers’ ongoing marketing strategy involves the company maintaining and expanding a broad base of clients in target territories, establishing alliances with product and services companies so that it can deliver high-quality products, and invoking its own organization to bring these together and implement total solutions for customers. The company will move from the traditional product-focused strategy to a total-focus on customer ownership.

The overall marketing plan for Cellular Providers’ service is based on the following fundamentals:

  • The segment of the market(s) planned to reach.
  • Distribution channels planned to be used to reach market segments: retail outlets, sales representatives, and telemarketing.
  • Share of the market expected to capture over a fixed period of time.

Our year 2000 marketing goals include the following:

  • Capture 5% market share of businesses in the Idaho and Washington market areas.
  • Capture 1% market share of consumers in the Idaho and Washington market areas.
  • Develop market share for satellite dishes and equipment.
  • Educate businesses and consumers about services provided.
  • Substantially increase sales over 1999 levels.
  • Position the company as the number one provider of solutions to wireless communications.
  • Make a major branding effort emphasizing Cellular Providers’ name and array of services.
  • Initiate new marketing program with a budget of $240,000.
  • Create new collateral marketing materials (brochures, radio ads, video).
  • Media placements including magazine, TV, radio, Internet, print, and banner advertising.
  • Expand product and service offerings.
  • Provide sales reps with free demo systems.

5.1 Pricing Strategy

Cellular Providers’ retail prices are competitive and affordable for businesses. The company has also established a pricing and commissions structure for sales representatives and distributors. Bulk purchasing enables the company to reduce its cost of goods sold, increase revenue, and pass on the savings to businesses and consumers.

5.2 Promotion Strategy

Cellular Providers’ overall goal is to generate additional retail traffic, increase the business and consumer base, and create more awareness to the need for this type of service in the marketplace. Currently, marketing efforts have revolved around sales representatives and telemarketing.

During 2000, Cellular Providers’ marketing goals also include positioning the company for co-branding alliances with several industry leaders. It is Cellular Providers’ belief that the best way to introduce its services to businesses as well as consumers is through aggressive telemarketing.

In addition to standard advertisement practices, Cellular Providers will gain considerable recognition through these additional promotional mediums:

  • Press releases sent to major industry publications.
  • Television advertising.
  • Trade shows.
  • Construction.
  • Oil and gas journals.

5.3 Marketing Programs

Advertising programs include direct response advertising, public relations program, co-marketing promotion, relationship building, direct sales efforts, telemarketing, trade shows, ads in print media and radio and television.

Cellular Providers’ marketing propositions are designed to appeal to various target audiences, regardless of their level of sophistication. Cellular Providers will continually inform businesses and consumers through press releases and media placements about the service benefits as well as endorsements from other customers.

These two factors naturally create a curiosity from those not previously exposed to Cellular Providers services, as well as the public sector seeking improved methods in cellular service deals. Overall, this is intended to encourage further investigation by businesses and consumers and is precisely the result Cellular Providers seeks. It is believed that this strategy will draw an abundance of curiosity from which a substantial market can be developed.

As an extra incentive for customers and potential customers to remember Cellular Providers’ name, the company plans to distribute advertising specialties with the company logo. This will be an ongoing program for the company, when appropriate and where it is identified as beneficial.

The objective of incentives is to portray Cellular Providers’ goals and products as an attractive functionality. It is also to show customers how to use the latest in technology as it relates to wireless communications services.

5.4 Strategic Alliances

Cellular Providers has strategic partnerships with the leading companies industry. Management feels that these partnerships will enhance sales and help build critical mass and business momentum. The partnering companies are given below.

  • AT&T;
  • Sprint PCS.

When Cellular Providers agrees to accept a new client, it is accepting a new business partner. Plans are underway to further strengthen relationships and establish other relationships as the need arises in the future.

5.5 Competitive Edge

Activities contributing to company success include identifying emerging trends and integrate them into Cellular Providers’ operations, respond quickly to technology changes/be there early, provide high-quality services, continue to invest time and money in marketing and advertising, continue to expand into specialty markets, and stay ahead of the “technology curve.”

Our future is highly dependent upon measuring resources we need in order to execute our plans and be competitive. Our method includes qualitative and/or quantitative measurements of competition and by estimating our own company growth, sales, and cash flows.

Our resources are also measured in terms of people, equipment, financial, and critique to see if the resources fit are adequate for the situation. Resources are available as needed to meet the technology curve. In general our strengths include business management, accounting and finance, knowledge of the wireless communications services industry, and experience in running successful businesses in the past.

Cellular Providers prides itself on its high-quality customer service. Although excellent customer service is expected, not all provide this. Cellular Providers is available at all times for customer orders and inquiries.