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Jasmine Teahouse

Products and Services

Jasmine Teahouse will specialize in premium teas, fine chocolates, and gift baskets. Our full “teahouse” experience is complemented by an assortment of loose teas, premium chocolates, tea accessories and gift baskets, all suitable as souvenirs and gifts for our tourist customers. Our goal is to be a destination store for visitors, and a resource for locals seeking gifts, new experiences, and knowledge of tea.

52 kinds of tea

Our tea-tenders will know the best brewing temperature and time for each of the 52 kinds of teas we offer. These include straight black teas such as Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling and Keemun, blends like Chai, Earl Grey, and our own creations, like “New London Garden Party,” a Ceylon/Vanilla/Jasmine blend. We will also offer a range of green teas, which are becoming more popular with the proliferation of local sushi restaurants. Jasmine Teahouse’s no-caffeine herbal infusions range from flavored rooibus to fruit blends and medicinal brews (chamomile, ginseng, etc.).

All of these teas are available hot, iced, or loose for customers to take home and brew at their leisure.

To complement our beverages, we will offer a small selection of freshly-baked pastries from a local bakery. Our alliance with this bakery allows us to offer high-quality baked goods at a reasonable price, in exchange for co-advertising. These items are not intended as a staple of our overall profit structure, but help us to create the whole-service feeling of a real teahouse, without investing in cooks, bakers, or kitchen equipment. Based on market research, we believe that up to 2/3 of our sit-down clientele will order a cookie, piece of cake, scone, muffin, or savory croissant with their tea. Not offering such treats could lose us customers.

In keeping with our upscale, indulgent feeling, we will sell premium chocolates such as Godiva, Scharffen Berger, and Garrison, as well as environmentally-friendly ones like Dagoba and vegan chocolates. We will offer a limited selection of truffles and dipped chocolates (like chocolate covered cherries, orange peel, and candied ginger), and a wider array of loose bars and chocolate gift baskets.

We are a teahouse; we focus on tea. Since we are not intending to compete with coffee giants such as Starbucks, we brew only one kind of coffee daily, to satisfy those accompanying true tea lovers on their visits to our store.

Tea paraphernalia
Tea paraphernalia includes specialty teapots, teaballs, decorative tea tins, “art of tea” books, and various small, seasonal, non-food, tea-related items.

Gift Baskets
We offer a selection of pre-made gift baskets, and will work with customers to create custom baskets for any occasion. Our tea tins come in a range of sizes and designs, and we will keep at least five colors of baskets and liners in stock at all times.