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Tablature Tattoo

Management Summary

Jake Hunt will be CEO of Tablature Tattoo. He will be responsible for strategy, direct sales efforts, contracting and working with the employed second tattoo artist, and half of the tattoo services provided. He will be the final say on choosing designs for additional products.

Julie Hunt will be operations manager. She will be responsible for managing reception, purchasing supplies and managing inventory, answering phone and email inquiries, marketing efforts, bookkeeping and accounting, payroll, insurance, and other administrative requirements. She will order resale products from suppliers. She will work at the reception desk and in the office of the business as needed. Jake Hunt will fill in at reception when business is slow and Julie needs to work in the office, where the printer/copier is located.

Personnel Plan

Jake and Julie Hunt will both be compensated as employees for their work (Jake as tattoo artist and manager of products and Julie as administrator, financial officer, and head of marketing). Salaries shown for the principals include benefits.

The second tattoo artist brought into the company will start work at part-time hours and move quickly to full-time hours, but will have his or her pay tied directly to services rendered and received 40% commission on tattoos provided and designed products sold. Wages listed below for the second artist are based on an assumption of splitting the tattoo and design work equally between Jake and the second artist.

Jake Hunt will manage this artist and will seek an established artist with a body of work and clientele who values the ability to not have to deal with the overhead and business concerns which the Hunts will handle.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Jake Hunt $49,500 $55,000 $60,500
Julie Hunt $46,200 $49,500 $52,800
Second Artist $40,492 $58,687 $65,416
Total People 3 3 3
Total Payroll $136,192 $163,187 $178,716