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Bioring SA

Management Summary

Bioring SA is slow to hire new people, and very loyal to those who are hired.

Immediate personnel plans call for increases from five to seven people two years from now. The increase is needed to support the effort to move on a real international base.

Management style reflects the participation of the owners. The company respects its community of co-workers and treats all workers well. We attempt to develop and nurture the company as a community.

6.1 Organizational Structure

Raymond Andrieu, president, is responsible for overall business management.

Philippe Le Goff, consultant, is responsible for product development, quality insurance and CE mark approval. He closely collaborates with Raymond Andrieu.

Afksendiyos Kalengos, cardiac surgeon, is responsible for the final presentation of the product, its adequation to the clinical needs, and clinical studies. He closely collaborates with Raymond Andrieu and Philippe Le Goff.

Danielle Collomb, assistant to the president, is responsible for relations with furnisher, orders to furnisher and all administrative current workload.

Marlyse Bertholet and Marie-José Raposo are producing the products. They report directly to Raymond Andrieu.

6.2 Management Team

The company is managed by:

Raymond Andrieu: chairman of the board, CEO, and founder. He has been working for 25 years in sales and marketing with international companies after a first experience in manufacturing vaccines. He has been acting as production engineer, sales manager, clinical director, marketing executive and president of several international companies including Roger Bellon Laboratories, (Rhône Poulenc), Edwards Laboratories, American Hospital Supply Corporation, Ausonics Corporation (Nucleus Group), Dornier Medizintechnik GmbH, Cardicorp SA, Cambridge Biotech Corporation, Hancock Jaffe Laboratories, Bioracs SA. He owns an MSc in Biochemistry and is graduated biomedical engineer. He is a 52 years old Swiss citizen, married, three children.

Afksendiyos Kalengos: assistant pediatric and adult cardiac surgeon in Geneva University Hospital. He has also been nominated professor in foreign universities. He is presently following an MBA program during his free hours. He is considered as the reference surgeon in pediatric cardiac surgery in Switzerland. He developed the original idea together with the founder. He has a Ph.D.,  is 41 years old, a Swiss citizen, married and has two children.

Philippe Le Goff: chemical engineer, has a Ph.D. from Polytechnique School in Paris, where he ranked second and his wife as the “major” (first rank). He participated to the final development of the polymer synthesis. He is consultant to major pharmaceutical companies, where he is mainly in charge of the approval of the new synthesis pilot production for drugs by the regulatory authorities (CE and FDA). He is also in charge of developing industrial production based on pilot production and approval by authorities. He is a 38 years old French citizen, with Swiss residence approval, married with two children.

6.3 Management Team Gaps

There are two gaps in the planning process:

  • The future distribution channel is still not yet established.
  • We depend on our attorney to fight for unfair competition if it appears.

6.4 Personnel Plan

The personnel plan has been projected to cover the production needs over the considered period.

Two production people, working eight hours a day, five days a week, are able to manufacture up to 25,000 rings a year. If we add another team of two people, the production capacity reaches 50,000 rings a year.

The personnel table assumes 5% per annum pay raises. We already have a strong benefits policy with fully paid medical insurance for employees. We therefore expect very low turnover. A stock option plan is under study by our auditing company for Mr. Philippe Le Goff.

Salaries are generally in line with market pay for Lausanne and Geneva area, although our benefits are above standard market level, so we ultimately pay a bit more for our people than what might be considered industrial standard in the area. However, we are at the same level in our industrial area that local medical companies and biotech companies.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Production Personnel
M. Bertholet $7,605 $36,000 $38,500
M.J. Raposo $7,125 $34,200 $36,000
Name or title $0 $0 $0
Other $0 $0 $0
Subtotal $14,730 $70,200 $74,500
Sales and Marketing Personnel
R. Andrieu 80% $58,500 $78,000 $0
D. Collomb 20% $6,750 $0 $0
Clinical Director $0 $0 $60,000
Marketing Executive $0 $0 $81,250
Other $0 $0 $40,000
Subtotal $65,250 $78,000 $181,250
General and Administrative Personnel
R. Andrieu 20% $0 $0 $102,000
D. Collomb 80% $27,000 $47,000 $50,000
CE mark consulting fees $0 $15,500 $2,000
FDA consulting fees $0 $0 $200,000
Other $2,115 $3,000 $5,000
Subtotal $29,115 $65,500 $359,000
Other Personnel
P.Le Goff $0 $90,000 $100,000
Name or title $0 $0 $0
Name or title $0 $0 $0
Other $0 $0 $0
Subtotal $0 $90,000 $100,000
Total People 0 0 0
Total Payroll $109,095 $303,700 $714,750