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Hang Toes Surfing

Web Plan Summary

Hang Toes Surfing sees its website as a dynamic marketing tool for sales and direct e-mail marketing. The goal will be to implement a functional and professionally-designed website that will provide information about new product lines, sponsorship, a web cam for target customers and potential business partners, and new product updates. As the company grows, its recruiting needs can be addressed by posting career opportunities and FAQs about the company. The website will also communicate company news to create and maintain positive public relations with the surfing community.

Website Marketing Strategy

We will maintain a two-way link between our website and our product suppliers. In addition to using the page as a sales tool, we will develop a monthly newsletter and coordinate with related sites to link to our site, giving us an opportunity to reach more directly to our customers.

We will also maintain two-way links between supporters of sports events and events organizations through our website. This will include a schedule of relevant sporting events that we think will appeal to our target customers.

Development Requirements

The initial creative design of the Hang Toes Surfing website will be handled by (NAME REMOVED TO PROTECT CONFIDENTIALITY), with experience in web design, and (NAME REMOVED TO PROTECT CONFIDENTIALITY), with experience in graphic design. They will work together to conceptualize the design and use of the company logo. Future redesign and ongoing support of the website will eventually be handled through an outside contractor.