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Hang Toes Surfing

Company Summary

Hang Toes Surfing is a start-up branch of an established clothing manufacturing firm located in South America. Hang Toes Surfing was conceived by a professional surfer and a clothing designer who will work together to create practical designs for surf wear, in-line skating, and skate boarding. Being avid health and fitness advocates, they will promote a clothing line that can be incorporated into any active lifestyle.

Hang Toes Surfing will be managed by two executives in the United States, with support from the president of the South American manufacturing . They bring to the company a wide range of experience in Marketing, International Sales, Accounting and Public Relations. They perceive an opportunity to acquire a significant amount of market share by focusing on specific needs of the active-wear clothing industry and by providing greater service and support to their distributors and sales representatives than their competitors. The company will be organized as a closely-held corporation with a majority of the shares held by the two principle executives.

The company will be seeking to raise approximately $120,000 in loans for start-up purposes. The company will have close contact with its manufacturer in South America.

Company Ownership

The company will be a closely-held corporation with two principle shareholders who will form the Board of Directors. It is anticipated that within the next five years, the company will be instituting a public offering to enlarge its ability to acquire financing. The principle owners will seek to retain the majority of the company’s stock for the foreseeable future. The company is incorporated in the state of Florida.

Presently, (removed for confidentiality) is Chief Executive Officer and owns eighty percent (80%) of the company.

Presently, (removed for confidentiality) is Vice President and owns twenty percent (20%) of the company.

Start-up Summary

Start-up costs have been primarily for inventory, trade shows, marketing, trademark acquisition, leasing a company vehicle, operating and administrative costs, and establishing a professional e-commerce website.

Upon receiving a loan for the first month of operation, the company is planning on extensive advertising through the Internet as well as surfing, skating, and snow boarding publications, and sponsorship of community on-site events.

The start-up costs are shown in the following table and illustration.

Surf clothing and sportswear business plan, company summary chart image

Start-up Expenses
Legal $4,000
Office Supplies $800
Rent $1,375
Computer,Internet Services & Hosting, Internet Merchant Acct. $5,950
Marketing: Catalogues, Brochures, Posters, Magazine Ads, Expos $27,500
Travel and Communication $9,000
Customer Account Management $5,500
Accounting $1,500
Sponsorship Programs $10,000
Product Shipping and Delivery $10,000
Total Start-up Expenses $75,625
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $75,000
Start-up Inventory $48,000
Other Current Assets $50,000
Long-term Assets $100,000
Total Assets $273,000
Total Requirements $348,625