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Hang Toes Surfing

Executive Summary

Hang Toes Surfing will be a new player in the United States for the surf wear and active wear apparel industry. Hang Toes Surfing is composed of surfers and designers making quality products for surfing, skating and other active lifestyles. Hang Toes Surfing plans to gain market penetration and establish themselves as a cool-to-wear Logo and apparel company.

Hang Toes Surfing is a corporation located in Florida whose products are manufactured in South America. Florida was strategically chosen to provide Hang Toes Surfing with credible product feedback, since it is considered by many as the hispanic South American blend capital of the United States.


Hang Toes Surfing currently has both surfing and active-wear clothing lines that will soon be available for distribution in the United States.


Hang Toes Surfing will be able to supply the rapidly growing active-wear specialty market with quality lines of apparel provided by their South American manufacturer. The clothing lines can be broken down into five segments: surfing, recreational, fitness, speed (cycling), leisure, and extreme skaters.

Management Team

The management team of the company consists of sports-oriented people who design products to match their own active lifestyles. The President of Hang Toes Surfing is also President of the South American manufacturer. He has 25 years of surfing experience and is dedicated, personally and professionally, to the world of surfing and surf competitions. His love of the sport has been passed down to his children, who also participate in surfing competitions. The Vice President and CEO in the United States became involved while supporting their children’s participation in ice hockey and skate boarding.

Hang Toes Surfing is an exciting business that will leverage their individual sports passions for the greater good of the company as well as for all sports-active people and their lifestyles. 

Sales are forecasted to be $765,000 for year one. Hang Toes Surfing will generate robust profits by year three.

Surf clothing and sportswear business plan, executive summary chart image


  • Provide specialty surfing stores with top quality active-wear products
  • Develop and manufacture new products and create brand awareness
  • Develop and expand a sales force throughout the United States
  • Reach sales of $700,000 by the end of our first year in business, and reach sales above $50,000 monthly
  • Sponsor local community sports events
  • Develop products that will attract our buyers and sell to consumers
  • Develop a solid e-commerce market and to maximize our profit margin


Hang Toes Surfing is focused on fulfilling the need for after-market products. This is a market we have identified based on the large volume of specialty stores being opened throughout the United States.

Hang Toes Surfing will be able to adapt their product line for a variety of recreation activities, including sports, leisure, and casual lifestyles. Our mission is to:

  • Focus our product lines to be the top sellers against competing companies such as Billabong, Quicksilver/Roxy, and Reef
  • Focus on our surfing industry experience to identify products that attract consumers to specialty stores

Keys to Success

  1. Seek out feedback from our customers (kids, teens and young adults) to develop a successful clothing line that meets their needs and tastes
  2. Develop a niche market for our unique apparel (bags, beanies, hats and surf boards)
  3. Maximize profits by selling through the Internet
  4. Maintain low overhead costs by monitoring and scheduling production
  5. Implement a successful marketing campaign to inform the existing clientele and the public of our new image
  6. Build brand image and brand equity through marketing