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Fire Fountain Grille

Products and Services

The Fire Fountain Grille is a comfortable, inviting restaurant designed to make our customers feel as if they are enjoying VIP services in a world all to themselves. The decor and theme is centered around the custom made “Fire Fountain”, a unique show kitchen grill that has a cascading water fountain combined with flame throwing torches on the dining room side, and is a sizzling 48″ gas powered steak grill on the kitchen side. The energy and atmosphere of the restaurant is high, and draws some of its power from the dazzling “Fire Fountain”.

The real power and energy of the restaurant comes from the attentive and courteous service provided by our floor staff, and the indescribably delicious steaks and other entrees caringly prepared by our motivated kitchen team. Each night that we are open, two managers are on duty. One manager carefully orchestrates the proper execution of the kitchen, so that all food comes out prepared perfectly, and on time. The other manager attends to the flow of the dining room, there to facilitate outstanding customer service and satisfaction. Our floor managers are extremely high profile, taking the time to greet every customer at some point in their stay. Our customer service policy is simple: All customers must leave happy about our service and food!

We are a dinner-house, but we do offer lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We have a “late-night seating” 10:00 pm-1:00 am Friday and Saturday. The lights come way down, and customers enjoy light jazz music, and a discount on certain food and beverage items. Gift Certificates always available. We have private dining facilities for group events, and we offer full catering services for events at any location! We offer “take-out” food for those on the run! Visitors to our website will find upcoming events, specials, and catering and gift certificate information.

The restaurant hours are: Monday-Thursday 3:00 pm-10:00 pm; Friday and Saturday 11:00 am-1:00 am; Sunday 11:00 am-9:00 pm.

3.1 Competitive Comparison

PF Chang’s®, Houston’s® and TGI Friday’s® are chains that offer fun atmospheres for comparison purposes. Our most competitive edge is our managers, and their ability and willingness to create goodwill among our customers, and to overcome any perceived difficulty, and indeed, turn it around into a positive experience.

The Fire Fountain Grille offers steaks and other foods that are prepared with an irresistible combination of flavors and spices. No one else in the industry serves steaks as delicious as ours.

3.2 Product and Service Description

Our menu consists of juicy, thick steaks that are coated with a secret combination of  flavorings and zesty spices. These steaks are grilled to perfection. We offer mouth watering prime rib, available “Fire Fountain Style”, in four portion sizes. The menu also consists of butter-roasted and seasoned chicken dishes, fresh grilled seafoods, imaginative salads, cold melon chowders, a variety of huge burgers and grilled sandwiches, tender pork chops, soups, appetizers with berry barbecue sauces, refreshing fountain drinks, and flaming desserts.

From the bar patrons can order a wide range of American wines, as well as dozens of beers including the most popular microbrews. The bar also offers festive martinis, margaritas, specialty frozen drinks, and hundreds of cocktails.

3.2.1 Menu

Fire Fountain Grille Menu

We have a “late-night seating” 10:00 pm-1:00 am Friday and Saturday, with a discount on food items printed in red…

Fire Fountain Specialties…These meals come with your choice of baked tater or sweet tater or red beans n’ rice or veggies or fries. Also, you get fresh baked rolls, butter, and a salad! All steaks are seasoned USDA Prime Cuts! You can also order anything on this menu without seasonings!

RIBEYE – Perhaps the tastiest of all steaks! Hand cut daily, choose from big (16 ounce) $16.95 or huge (22 ounces) $22.95!!

FIRE FOUNTAIN FILET –  Tender 9 ounce filet, lightly seasoned and sizzle-grilled $14.95

METROPOLITAN STRIP STEAK – 14 ounce Strip steak, with Bay Shrimp and Citrus-Bearnaise Sauce $17.95

NEW YORK STRIP – Classic Strip Cut, seasoned and grilled $13.95

TOP SIRLOIN – Prime delicate cut, seasoned and grilled to order. America’s#1 steak! $11.95

PRIME RIB – Hand carved cuts, slow roasted, and served with au jus and whipped horseradish sauce: 20 ounce – $19.95; 16 ounce – $16.95; 12 ounce – $13.95; 8 ounce – $10.95

Also, try our Fire Fountain Style of Prime Rib! Ask your server!


HONEY/CHILI GLAZED SALMON – Fire-Grilled Salmon, brushed with honey-chili glaze and topped with black bean salsa $13.95

GRILLED SALMON –  With your choice of side dish $12.95

JAMAICAN SNAPPER – Pan charred, topped with a sweet coconut-tomato glaze $11.95

ROASTED PRAWNS – 12 Grilled Jumbo Shrimp over rice $13.95

CHICKEN ASTORIA – Breast of chicken, topped with Bay Shrimp and asparagus spears, finished with Citrus-Bearnaise sauce $11.95

FIRE-SMOKE CHICKEN – Robust, entirely dark meat, quarter of a chicken, smoke-roasted, served with Three Berry Barbecue Sauce $12.95

CARAMEL FLAMED CHICKEN – Tender Chicken breast, buttered and basted with sweet caramel glaze, then charred over an open flame $10.95

Burgers ‘n such……they come with fries..

THE BACON SPECTACULAR – Broiled 1/3 pound burger with bacon, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, dill pickle and tomato. $5.95

BURGER BURGER – Juicy ½ pounder served on a toasted onion bun with pickle, onion, lettuce and tomato $4.95… add cheese $.50

THE HIGHWAYMAN – Colossal. Char-broiled. One entire pound of juicy ground beef with Canadian bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, barbecue sauce and tomato on a giant bun $7.95

SLOPPY JOE – Sweet ‘n zesty, a mouth-watering favorite! $4.95

SHAVED PRIME RIB SANDWICH – With smoked bacon-horseradish sauce and smothered with melted Monterey Jack cheese $4.95

BARBECUE-BEEF – Huge pile of beef, slathered with barbecue sauce and melted Cheddar cheese- served open-faced $4.95

CHICKEN RANCH SANDWICH – Golden deep-fried chicken, served on a kaiser roll with Ranch sauce, lettuce and tomato $4.95


GRILLED CHICKEN STRIPS – Served with Three Berry Barbecue Sauce $4.95

GRILLED STEAK SKEWERS with Ginger Red Sauce $4.95

FIRE STICKS – Fried Pepper-Jack cheese with cool Ranch Dip $3.95

CHILLED MELON CHOWDER – Bowl $2.95 Cup $1.95

BEER BATTERED SHRIMP with Pineapple Salsa $5.95

CHICKEN STRIPS with Honey-Dijon Sauce $4.95

From The Fountain…

Coffee $1.25, Decaf $1.25; Coke, Root Beer, 7-UP, Diet Coke, Iced Tea $1.50; Milk, Large$1.50 Small $1.25;

Draft Beers…Pint $2.75, Glass $1.50; Microbrews…Pint $3.00, Glass $1.95

Wines…House Glass $3.95, House Carafe $12.00. Please ask your server for a wine list.


Flaming Fruit Kebabs with ice cream $5.95; Cherries Jubilee $5.95; Key Lime Pie $3.95

Milk Shakes $2.95; Banana Split $5.25; Ice Cream Sundae $2.50; Carrot Cake $3.95

Completely Fat-Free Dessert: Chewy Brownies with Frozen Yogurt $2.95


Kids meals come with fries..

Little Burger $3.95; Chicken Toes $3.95; Little Steak $5.95; Cheesaroni $2.95; Corny Dog $3.95; Hot Doggy $3.95…kids soda pop is free!!!


SMOKED CHICKEN SALAD – with caramelized Hazel nuts and Ginger-Orange dressing $7.95

Grilled Sirloin Caesar $7.95; Grilled Chicken Caesar $7.95; Grilled Shrimp Caesar $7.95; Traditional Caesar $2.95; Fresh Garden Salad $2.95; – with these dressing choices: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Catalina, Honey-Mustard, Low-Fat Italian

Chilled Melon Chowder – Bowl $2.95, Cup $1.95; Side of Fries $1.95; Sides of Red Beans ‘n’ Rice or Baked Tater, Sweet Taters, Mashed Taters, or Veggies are $1.95; Grilled Onions $1.95; Daily Soup -Bowl $2.95, Cup $1.95

Remember! We offer “to-go” food for those on the run! 

Please visit our Website!