Take Five Sports Bar and Grill

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Sports Bar Business Plan

Management Summary

At the present time Joseph Smith runs all operations for Take Five Sports Bar and Grill. Other key personnel are the management at each location. Candidates have already been identified for the first additional Anytown area location. There is not expected to be any shortage of qualified and available staff and management from local labor pools in each market area.

5.1 Organizational Structure

Future organizational structure will include a director of store operations when store locations exceed five and/or the Florida store opens. This will provide a supervisory level between the executive level and the store management level. A full time accountant has already been added. Also, a sales/marketing director has been added to oversee the expansion effort both to support the growth of existing business and to execute the franchise expansion strategy. Their salaries are included in the projections.

Operations of individual stores will be the responsibility of the general manager.

5.2 Management Team

Joseph Smith

Personal Data:

Born 11/19/53 Philadelphia, Pa.
Married 17 years--two children ages 10 & 13
Excellent Health
U.S. Air Force--1971 to 1975, Vietnam veteran, Communication Surveillance, Top Security Clearance


LaSalle University, MBA Finance, BS, Finance

Professional Experience:


Finance, Strategic Planning, Corporate Development

Scientific Anytown--1988-1990:

VP Finance, Electronic Systems Group

Holiday Inn Worldwide--1990-1993:

Strategic Planning and Corporate Development, reporting to the CFO

Resigned in 1993 to open and operate Smith's Italian Restaurant

5.3 Management Team Gaps

Specific opportunities exist in the store operations supervisory area (not needed initially) and in franchise sales development (not needed initially).

It is expected that these people can be recruited when needed in the Anytown market. Anytown is now home to more than 40 franchise company headquarters.

Store managers are readily available when needed. Food service managers are plentiful.

5.4 Personnel Plan

The following personnel table outlines the projected staff requirements for the first three years of operation.

Personnel Plan
FY 1996 FY 1997 FY 1998
Total Payroll $484,800 $2,800,000 $4,850,000
Name or Title or Group $0 $0 $0
Total People 12 67 115
Total Payroll $484,800 $2,800,000 $4,850,000

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