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Cyclist Repair Center

Web Plan Summary

A website will be developed for Cyclist Repair Center as an efficient source of information dissemination. The site provide Internet surfers with a wealth of information regarding the various services that Cyclist Repair Center offers. Also detailed on the site are bios of the different staff members, displaying the years of cycling specific experience. For questions that are not answered on the site, viewers will be encouraged to call the center and inquire. The goal of the website is to impress upon the reader that Cyclist Repair Center is the premier cycling specific sports clinic addressing any need a competitive or recreational cyclist may have.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Cyclist Repair Center will employ two types of marketing for the website. The first is submission to various search engines. This will be quite important as there are many people that use search engines to locate information. If someone is unfamiliar with Cyclist Repair Center and their services, all they need to do is is type in a few key words into a search engine and they are brought to Cyclist Repair Center’s site.

Another source of marketing will be inclusion of Cyclist Repair Center’s URL on all printed material. This will direct current or prospective customers to check out the site for additional information.

6.2 Development Requirements

A computer science student has been informally contacted and has agreed to be responsible for the design and development of the site. The time frame for development is six to eight weeks.