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Cyclist Repair Center


Cyclist Repair Center offers a wide range of cycling specific proactive and reactive solutions for both the competitive and recreation athlete. Specific services include:

  • Sports massage- the massages can be either full body or cycling specific. Massages are valuable for recovery, greater flexibility, and increased comfort.
  • Personal training– this service will fully customize a training program for a cyclist. The trainers are very good at addressing the needs of the cyclist whether it is for weight loss, increase in cardiovascular efficiency, increase in muscle strength, increase in comfort, or race specific training.
  • Bike fit/ergonomic services– Cyclists will bring in their bicycles and shoes for this assessment. Posture/positioning on the bicycle, bicycle sizing, pedal spin cycle analysis, strength and flexibility will be evaluated.
  • Fitness evaluation– the following tests are offered:
    • VO2 max
    • Lactate threshold
    • Aerobic threshold
    • Anaerobic threshold
    • Wattage output

  • Cycling related injuries– this includes assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation. A physician and physical therapists are available for these services.

Cyclist Repair Center accepts most major insurance plans for therapy and reactive services. Other more proactive services like training and massage are often not accepted for insurance, but this is a function of the insurance plan, not the unwillingness of Cyclist Repair Center to accept insurance.